College Modern Languages

Enjoy the many mental, social and economic benefits of learning a new language in college level classes at LaGuardia.

LaGuardia’s College Modern Language classes are open to the public on a non-credit basis at a special fee of $320 per course.

Elementary courses are for beginners, and all classes are designed to help you develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through work in the classroom and language laboratory. Books and/or materials must be purchased for most classes.

Decisions on class size are made early, so register in advance.

Alternate days and times for college classes are sometimes available for Continuing Education students. For more information call (718) 482-7244.


This program is not offering course enrollment at this time. Please check back soon. For more information call (718) 482-7244.

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By phone
(718) 482-7244

With payment by MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express.
Discounts and waivers apply to all courses except those designated ND.