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Phone: (718) 482-5038

Monday- Thursday  8:30 a.m.- 5:45 p.m. 

Calling All Athletes!

If you’re a LaGuardia student interested in competing as a Red Hawk, then we want to hear from you! Please reach out to our coaches to inquire about trying out:

Women’s Basketball Tryouts
Contact Coach Shareika Parry

Men’s Basketball Tryouts
Contact Coach Jarrett Lockhart

Men’s Soccer
Contact Coach Ahmed Johnson

Men’s & Women’s Cross Country
Contact Coach Peter Briguglio

Red = Home
Black = Road

11/7/23Borough of Manhattan CC vs LaGuardia CC8pm
11/11/23Dutchess CC vs LaGuardia CC3pm
11/16/23Nassau CC vs LaGuardia CC8pm
11/18/23LaGuardia CC @ Suffolk County CC1pm
11/21/23Hostos CC vs LaGuardia CC7pm
12/2/23LaGuardia CC @ Ulster CC2pm
12/5/23Queensborough CC vs LaGuardia CC7pm
12/9/23Kingsborough CC vs LaGuardia CC2pm
12/12/23Sullivan County CC vs LaGuardia CC8pm
12/14/23Bronx CC vs LaGuardia CC8pm
12/19/23LaGuardia CC @ Union County CC7pm
1/4/24Passaic County CC vs LaGuardia CC7pm
1/6/24LaGuardia CC @ Hostos CC3pm
1/9/24LaGuardia CC @ Bronx CC8pm
1/18/24Westchester CC vs LaGuardia CC8pm
1/23/24LaGuardia CC @ Borough of Manhattan CC7pm
1/25/24LaGuardia CC @ Queensborough CC7:30pm
1/30/24Suffolk County CC vs LaGuardia CC8pm
2/1/24LaGuardia CC @ Monroe CC8pm
2/3/24LaGuardia CC @ Kingsborough CC2pm
2/8/24LaGuardia CC @ Dutchess CC8pm
2/10/24LaGuardia CC @ Nassau CC3pm
Red = Home Black = Road
Date Matchup Time
11/4/23 LaGuardia CC @ Westchester CC 1pm
11/7/23 Borough of Manhattan CC vs LaGuardia CC 6pm
11/11/23 Dutchess CC vs LaGuardia CC 1pm
11/16/23 Nassau CC vs LaGuardia CC 6pm
11/21/23 (Postponed) Hostos CC vs LaGuardia CC 6pm
12/5/23 (Postponed) Queensborough CC vs LaGuardia CC 6pm
12/7/23 LaGuardia CC @ Suffolk CC 7pm
12/9/23 Kingsborough CC vs LaGuardia CC 12pm
12/12/23 Sullivan CC vs LaGuardia CC 6pm
12/14/23 Bronx CC vs LaGuardia CC 6pm
1/4/24 Passaic County CC vs LaGuardia CC 5pm
1/6/24 LaGuardia CC @ Hostos CC 1pm
1/9/24 LaGuardia CC @ Bronx CC 6pm
1/13/24 LaGuardia CC @ Rockland CC 2pm
1/18/24 Westchester CC vs LaGuardia CC 6pm
1/23/24 LaGuardia CC @ Borough of Manhattan CC 5pm
1/25/24 LaGuardia CC @ Queensborough CC 5:30pm
01/27/23 LaGuardia CC @ Ulster CC 1pm
1/30/24 Suffolk CC vs LaGuardia CC 6pm
2/1/24 LaGuardia CC @ Monroe CC 6pm
2/3/24 LaGuardia CC @ Kingsborough CC 12pm
2/8/24 LaGuardia CC @ Dutchess CC 6pm
2/10/24 LaGuardia CC @ Nassau CC 1pm
Date Match Time
09/7/23 LAGCC @ Suffolk 4pm
09/9/23 LAGCC @ Westchester 1pm
09/14/23 LAGCC @ BMCC 12:30pm
09/16/23 LAGCC @ Kingsborough 12pm
09/21/23 LAGCC @ Rockland 4pm
09/23/23 LAGCC @ Bronx 1pm
09/28/23 LAGCC @ Nassau 6pm
10/3/23 LAGCC @ To be determined 4pm
10/5/23 LAGCC @ Queensborough 4pm
10/10/23 Dutchess @ LAGCC (Queensborough CC Field) 2pm

Red Hawks Coaches

Jarrett Lockhart – Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
New York City native and new Head Coach Jarrett Lockhart played high school basketball at Mount Saint Michael Academy in the Bronx and is the school’s all-time leading scorer, winning a state championship in 1995.

With coaching experience at Lincoln College of New England where he won a Region 21 championship as an assistant, and Jackson College last season, Coach Lockhart is very familiar with basketball at the junior college level. He also brings Division I coaching experience to Queens, having worked as Director of Operations and Assistant Coach at Florida International University from 2014 to 2018.

Red Hawks Logo Branding

The LAGCC logo is designed to communicate the notion of a community college being a catalyst where individuals come together to learn, grow and shine.