• Multicultural Exchange

    Multicultural Exchange, within the Office of Campus Life at LaGuardia, consists of two peer mentoring programs:
    • Black Male Empowerment Cooperative (BMEC) is a project of the CUNY Black Male Initiative (BMI), whose mission is to increase, encourage and support the inclusion and educational success of students from groups that are severely underrepresented in higher education, in particular African, African-American/Black, Caribbean and Latino/Hispanic males.
    • CREAR Futuros (College Readiness, Achievement and Retention) is an initiative of Hispanic Federation and CUNY that is specifically focused on actions that support college access, retention and graduation rates for Latino students in New York.

    Strong evidence has shown that peer-mentored students — who received social and academic support, encouragement and guidance with college choices — notably had more degree completions and professional career achievements when compared to non-mentored students.

  • Multicultural Exchange - Peer Mentor

    Our Mentors

    • Confident guides, academic resources, coaches, role models and friends
    • Entrusted with facilitating the care, support and learning of new and continuing students
    • Knowledgeable about campus resources, policies and culture
    • Willing to share information, experiences and accomplishments in a non-competitive way
    • Open, understanding and approachable

  • Meet our Team

  • Rachel_Romain

    Rachel Romain

    Student Life Manager

       Room M-115C

    Rachel Romain came to the Division of Student Affairs at LaGuardia in January 2016. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from SUNY at Albany. She enjoys helping students, however they need, to help them succeed, stay in school and graduate.
  • Alvin_Pratt

    Alvin Pratt

    BMEC Program Assistant

    Alvin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts/Social Science and has been involved in mentoring young men and women most of his life. Al started his mentoring and coaching career more than twenty years ago and worked in many different areas, helping young people get their lives back on track and guiding them through the process. He has held careers within the juvenile justice and education fields and has also coached basketball. Through his love of people and passion for basketball, he has helped and continues to help people reach their goals academically and athletically.
  • Margi_Morales

    Margi Morales

    CREAR Program Assistant

    Born in Honduras and raised in Brooklyn, Margi is a LaGuardia Community College alum; she graduated in 2017 with an Associate of Science degree. She currently attends Hunter College in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in biology. Her goal is to attend medical school and become an oncologist. As the program assistant for CREAR Futuros, Margi works to help increase retention and graduation rates for Latino/Hispanic students.

  • Peer Mentors

  • Tyler_Gooding

    Tyler Gooding

    BMEC Peer Mentor

    Tyler is a liberal arts major with a concentration in international studies. He chose to be a peer mentor because he wishes he had a mentor during his first few years of college.

    “I made many mistakes that, if I had a peer mentor, would have most likely been avoided. I hope to be able to take my mistakes and turn them into lessons for my future mentees.”


    Ariana Jones-Allen

    BMEC Peer Mentor

    Ariana is BMEC peer mentor who is starting her second year at LaGuardia, pursuing an Associate of Science in Public and Community Health. Becoming a BMEC peer mentor was a natural fit in her life. Ariana enjoys getting to know her college community and assisting others in being the best student and person they can. In her free time, she enjoys movies, cooking and connecting with friends.


    Tea Sikharulidze

    BMEC Peer Mentor

    Tea is an international student from Georgia, where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law, passed the Georgian Bar Association exam and worked as a copyright lawyer. Education has always been a priority for her, and she wished to advance her career, continue her education and study abroad. At LaGuardia, she is majoring in paralegal studies, and her goal is to work toward a master’s degree in intellectual property law.

    “Being a peer mentor is a privilege. It gives me an opportunity to meet new people, improve my career profile and boost leadership skills. But the most important thing to me about being a peer mentor is that [it] allows me the opportunity to help other students be successful and take advantage of the opportunities and resources that are available for them. It is my chance to make a positive impact on someone's lives, guide and support them to achieve their career goals.”


    Steve Louis

    BMEC Peer Mentor

    Steve is in his second year at LaGuardia Community College. He re-enrolled in college to complete his degree in human services and mental illness.

    “My passion is to help those in need or want help. Society tends to neglect and ignore those who cannot help themselves, such as single fathers, teenage mothers and incarcerated young men of color.”

    He hopes to work as a juvenile advocate, either helping at-risk youth or young men who have been incarcerated during their reentry to society. LaGuardia has broadened his view about the opportunities in the health science, social services and law fields.


    Tashyini Singh

    BMEC Peer Mentor

    Tashyini is pursuing an associate degree in nursing at LaGuardia. She chose to become a peer mentor with BMEC to inspire the next generation of LaGuardia students. She previously worked as a CREAR Futuros peer mentor and as a My First Day student leader, where she worked with students from various cultural backgrounds.

    She believes that working as a BMEC peer mentor will not only impact the program but the student body as well. LaGuardia has a score of programs and services that have helped her in her journey to achieving her goals, and she sees this as the perfect opportunity to share her experience.
  • Deidriane_Hewitt

    Deidriane Hewitt

    BMEC Peer Mentor

    Deidriane is a criminal justice major and is in her final academic year at LaGuardia. She looks forward to continued learning and graduating with good grades.

    “I enjoy reading books and learning more about people, culture and society. I also like to help people in many ways that I can, I am easy to talk to and somewhat great at problem solving, which is why I decided to become a peer mentor.”


    Michaella Duapa

    CREAR Peer Mentor

    Michaella (Mikee) is majoring in nursing at LaGuardia. She enjoys sports, art, adventures, food and music, and she says she is loud and happy. Mikee is excited to meet fellow mentors and to help mentees succeed this academic year.

    “Mentoring is a great way to acquire guidance and assistance, increase knowledge on resources, discover networks, and encourage interests as we coast through our academic responsibilities. Having had a rollercoaster ride from being a clueless freshman/fresh NYC resident to becoming an innovative working student while being a second mother to my siblings, I hope to help and guide those students who seek and need direction, encouragement and support as they face their first year in college.”


    Andrew Espinoza

    CREAR Peer Mentor

    Andrew is a student at LaGuardia majoring in liberal arts: social science and humanities with an interest in pursuing a career in musical therapy. Having once worked in an educational center, Andrew feels what he learned assisting advisors could be of use for the students attending the College, accompanied by his love of helping others and lessons brought on by inspirational leaders such as the Dhali Lama and Martin Luther King Jr. Excited for mentoring, one thing he would like students to know is that “you can say what's on your mind, but you can wait a bit before you speak, to be sure.”

    Mia Nicer

    Mia Nicer

    CREAR Peer Mentor

    Mia works with CREAR as a peer mentor and with College Discovery as a CD ambassador and peer leader. She is a current LaGuardia student pursuing an Associate of Science in Civil Engineering.

    “I had great mentors that helped me get adjusted my first year in college and an amazing experience with my CREAR family. I joined the CREAR team to be able help others as my mentors helped me.”


    Erika Paucar

    CREAR Peer Mentor

    Erika Paucar is a liberal arts: math & science major at LaGuardia.

    “As a mentor, I want to provide my mentees all the support and sources they need to be successful. I’m excited to start working with students and learn about this experience.”

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       Room M-114

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    CREAR Futuros Office
       Room M-112

    Monday & Wednesday: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
    Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9 a.m.–6 p.m.