• Multicultural Exchange

    Multicultural Exchange, within the Office of Campus Life at LaGuardia, consists of two peer mentoring programs:
    • Black Male Empowerment Cooperative (BMEC) is a project of the CUNY Black Male Initiative (BMI), whose mission is to increase, encourage and support the inclusion and educational success of students from groups that are severely underrepresented in higher education, in particular African, African-American/Black, Caribbean and Latino/Hispanic males.
    • CREAR Futuros (College Readiness, Achievement and Retention) is an initiative of Hispanic Federation and CUNY that is specifically focused on actions that support college access, retention and graduation rates for Latino students in New York.

    Strong evidence has shown that peer-mentored students — who received social and academic support, encouragement and guidance with college choices — notably had more degree completions and professional career achievements when compared to non-mentored students.

  • Multicultural Exchange - Peer Mentor

    Our Mentors

    • Confident guides, academic resources, coaches, role models and friends
    • Entrusted with facilitating the care, support and learning of new and continuing students
    • Knowledgeable about campus resources, policies and culture
    • Willing to share information, experiences and accomplishments in a non-competitive way
    • Open, understanding and approachable

  • Meet our Team

  • Rachel_Romain

    Rachel Romain

    Student Life Manager

       Room M-115C

  • Rabya Feroz Headshot

    Rabya Feroz

    BMEC Program Assistant

       Room M-114

  • John Correa Solorzano Headshot

    John Correa Solorzano

    CREAR Program Assistant

       Room M-112

  • Peer Mentors

  • Tea Sikharulidze Headshot

    Tea Sikharulidze

    BMEC Peer Mentor

    Antoine Windham Headshot

    Antoine Windham

    BMEC Mentor

    Danielle Jones Headshot

    Danielle Jones

    BMEC Mentor

    Jean Philip Bellanton Headshot

    Jean Philip Bellanton

    BMEC Mentor

  • Marlon Phillips Headshot

    Marlon Phillips

    CREAR Futuros Mentor

    Genesis Vicioso Headshot

    Genesis Vicioso

    CREAR Futuros Mentor

    Alyse Jofre Headshot

    Alyse Jofre

    CREAR Futuros Mentor

  • Contact Us

    Available by Phone/Email (no in-person service available)

    BMEC Office

    Theresa Graham
    Program Assistant

    9 a.m.–6 p.m.
    CREAR Futuros Office

    John Correa
    Program Assistant

    Monday & Wednesday: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
    Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9 a.m.–6 p.m.