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To request the assistance of an STM, please read the STM Job Responsibilities.
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Where to find STM Assistance

STMs staff the CTL Conference Room E255 and the ePortfolio Studio Labs B121 and B123, where they are available to assist students and faculty.


The main office is located in Room M414. For more information about the STM Program and contact information, Click Here

The STM Program creates partnerships between students and faculty in exploring the use of digital media in the classroom. STMs receive intensive training and unique experiences that prepare them for success in education and career. They work closely with LaGuardia faculty, helping them design, create, utilize, and maintain technology-enriched teaching resources. Many STMs have gone on to pursue technology careers in four-year colleges, and several have remained on the Center staff as Instructional Design Assistants (IDA) and ePortfolio Consultants.

The STMs reflect the economic and demographic diversity of the LaGuardia student body. For some STMs, this is a first-time working experience, providing crucial workplace experience. Others have been able to leave exhausting, dead-end jobs in sweatshops and fast-food restaurants. An STM position, in contrast, focuses students' energy at the college and helps them acquire new perspective on learning and teaching -- even as they gain entry-level access to rewarding professional careers. Among our STMs this year are students born in Nepal, Ecuador, Colombia, Japan, Peru, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, China, Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Dominican Republic, India, Bangladesh, Irland, Sweden , and other countries.

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