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    Under Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, LaGuardia Community College has an implicit responsibility to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to its programs and services, and that the rights of students with disabilities are not denied. The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) provides advocacy to ensure access to all college programs and facilitates the transition to college life for students with disabilities. All students are required to register with supporting documentation. Appropriate accommodations and services are determined and include: 

    • academic, career and personal counseling
    • priority registration
    • academic advisement
    • support services such as assistive technology and tutors; proctoring exams for students.

    How to Obtain Accommodations:

    Students must initiate a request for accommodations by contacting the OSD office. The student must provide documentation of the disability. Accommodations may be provided on an interim basis while the student is obtaining documentation, at the Counselor’s discretion. If you have a documented disability and want to request accommodations, please:

    1. Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities for more information.
    2. Make an appointment with the Counselor to determine what accommodations are right for you. Documentation of the disability will be needed at this time.
    3. Any difficulty in receiving accommodations are to be reported immediately to the Office for Students with Disabilities.

    Online students: YES, you can receive accommodations!

    Online students with documented disabilities may be eligible for extra time on tests and books in alternate formats.

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students:

    Contact the Program for Deaf Adults in Room C-203  to obtain accommodations and services. For more information please visit www.laguardia.edu/pda/

  • Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society

    The LaGuardia Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi) International Honor Society, was established in May 2016 to celebrate and support the academic achievements of our students with disabilities. LaGuardia is proud to be the first City University of New York (CUNY) college to establish an official chapter of the international honor society for the top community college students across the world. 

  •  Joining Delta Alpha PI

    Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society presents an opportunity to change that perception of students with disabilities by recognizing their academic accomplishments and facilitating development of skills in leadership, advocacy and education for participating students.

    • Delta – D for Disability, but also the triangle, symbol of strength. Members of Delta Alpha Pi demonstrate strength as leaders on campus to help break down the barriers of negativism. They serve as mentors and role models for other students with disabilities.

    • Alpha – A for Achievement and advocacy. Alpha is the beginning and academic achievement must come first. Along with advocacy because students must advocate for themselves before they can advocate for others. Members of Delta Alpha Pi enhance advocacy skills for themselves and for the rights of all individuals with disabilities to be included fully in society.

    • Pi – P for Pride, pride in academic achievement and in other accomplishments, not just as students with disabilities but as members of the university community. A mathematical symbol that we all learned to use in arithmetic classes, members of Delta Alpha Pi participate in activities designed to educate the community and society regarding the need to apply the principles of universal design in learning.

    Membership requirements:

    • Present a documented disability and work with one of the faculty/staff members in the Office of Students with Disabilities.
    • Demonstrate an interest in disability issues
    • Have completed a minimum of 24 credits
    • Maintain an overall Grade Point Average of 3.10

    Membership benefits:

    • Formal recognition of academic accomplishments
    • Exclusive access to scholarship and other resources
    • Community service opportunities
    • Professional development in leadership and advocacy around issues that affect students with disabilities

    To join DAPi and for more information, contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (room M-102) at 718-482-5279 or OSD@lagcc.cuny.edu.

    Check out photo highlights of the DAPi Honor Society Inductee Ceremony.

  • Voter Registration:

    Under the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is an Agency-Based Voter Registration Site where students with disabilities are provided with registration opportunities when applying for services or assistance.The OSD offers students information, voter registration application forms and the opportunity to register to vote today and each time you visit the office.  We will be glad to help you fill out the form! Voter registration information and application forms are also available at the website for the State Board of Elections of the State of New York at http://www.elections.ny.gov

    Title IX:

    Title IX – Protects You From Discrimination At School


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