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    The mission of the Communication Skills courses is to help students acquire the necessary cognitive tools to read, comprehend, and retain the wide variety of college-level materials necessary to succeed in LaGuardia's degree programs, and/or to move on to four-year schools. We are committed to providing students with the background knowledge and critical reading and thinking skills necessary to become an educated person.

    The focus of a CSE course is exposition though we incorporate other forms as well. Our courses prepare students for their introductory courses in the majors. Thus students engage with content, vocabulary, and study skills that they use to read their textbooks, to listen to class lectures, and write class assignments. Our classes consist of lively discussions, arguments, careful listening and thinking.

    The CSE courses participate in community projects, high school-college collaborations, learning communities, conferences, scholarly research, grants, and events throughout the college, CUNY and the community. The faculty is innovative and includes nationally recognized experts in the field. If CUNY is the gateway to a wider world for our students, the Communication Skills Program is the threshold. 


    This page answers some frequently asked questions about the COMPASS/ACT Reading Test and other requirements for college reading courses at LaGuardia (Mr. Joseph Evering & the Reading Lab staff).

    • Are you confused about how to tackle multiple choice questions?
      Click Here   to download a document with useful tips!

    • Policies   regarding retaking the COMPASS/ACT Reading Test.

    • For students who have taken CSZ099 and have yet to pass the COMPASS/ACT Reading Test, the following  handout   will give you additional practice with selected articles from The New York Times. You need to work with tutors in the Reading Lab before taking the test again.

    • Students need to maintain good academic standing (complete all course requirements) in order to be eligible to take the COMPASS/ACT Reading Test.

    • The D grade policy  for the Communication Skills courses

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