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  • Being a full time college student, while also juggling family and work, can be a very daunting challenge. Your instructors understand this and will make every effort to support you as you work to prioritize your education.

    In order to ensure student success in all courses, the Department of English has created "Introduction To" sheets for each course:

    At the beginning of the semester, your instructor will go over these policies, in addition to his/her syllabus. We expect that all LaGuardia Community College students will be in respectful compliance with the policies laid out in the introduction to each course.

    However, in general, to be successful in the Writing Program, you will need to follow these guidelines:

    Be informed: 

    • Read and review the examination policies for each course so that you understand the importance of the examinations.
    • Review the grading policy for each course so that you understand how you can do well in the course.
    • Be aware that plagiarism of any kind is grounds for immediate failure and can have lasting effects on your academic career. To learn more about plagiarism and how to avoid it, see our Statement of Plagiarism.

    Be prepared: 

    • Purchase all of the required texts for your course.
    • Adhere strictly to the attendance policy outlined on your instructor's syllabus. Missing too many classes is the number one reason students fail writing courses at LaGuardia!
    • Be on time for each class meeting.
    • Turn in all assignments on the date and time they are due. It is difficult for instructors to mark late assignments and to keep you on track to pass the course.
    • Be ready to engage in exciting and useful discussion in class, contributing to the intellectual inquiry of your class.

    Be courteous: 

    • Turn off cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices at the start of each class so that you do not disturb others. Please do not leave class to take cell phone calls.
    • Treat your instructor and other students in the class with respect. LaGuardia has a rich and wonderful diversity. We expect that every student will read and follow the Declaration of Pluralism outtlined in the student handbook.

    We look forward to having you in our writing courses and hope that these policies will help in making every LaGuardia Community College classroom a wonderful place to learn!

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