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  • Important Attendance Message

    Recording student attendance is important for the student and the College. As you have in the past, please continue to use Web Attendance on a daily basis to support the College’s retention efforts and provide faculty tools to support grading.

    Need Help? Have Questions?

    If you need help or if you have any questions regarding attendance in CUNYfirst, please contact the Registrar's Office at 718-482-6011 during normal business hours.


  • The following is a listing, though not complete, of current benefits to Faculty using CUNYfirst.

    General Information 

    • Single user name and password for all CUNYfirst applications
    • Direct connections via internet to CUNYfirst Portal from any location. Not connected to current CUNY Portals

     HR – Self Service 

    • Ability to view, on demand, personal information and work history
    • Ability to change personal email addresses (CUNY/College email must remain the primary address), Emergency Contacts and Professional Memberships
    • Provide documentation to update changes and confirm current information for:
         o Home address
         o Marital Status
         o Name Change
         o Social Security Number
         o New or re-submitting I-9
         o New or advanced degrees
         o Honors, certifications (check with college PR)

    Campus Solutions – Instruction and Advising 

    • Create and view weekly instructional calendar by daily, weekly and monthly views
    • View Class Rosters as soon as students register
         o Ability to email entire class or specific individuals from rosters
    • Advanced Advisement Tools for faculty advisors
         o Ability to see, in real time, student transcripts, current class schedule and contact information with the ability to contact student directly through CUNYfirst
         o Ability to email individual student or all student advisees
         o Ability to contact advisee’s instructors through CUNYfirst
         o Ability to view service indicators (holds, etc.)
    • Ability for Provosts, Deans and Chairs to view instructor’s teaching history
    • Enrollment and instructor data feeds directly into Blackboard
    • University-wide standard process to post grades electronically
          o Advantage for professors/adjuncts who have multiple campus postings
          o Quicker postings to students transcripts will support timely registration for pre- and co-requisite requirements

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