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  • Important Attendance Message

    Recording student attendance is important for the student and the College. As you have in the past, please continue to use Web Attendance on a daily basis to support the College’s retention efforts and provide faculty tools to support grading.

    To view a step-by-step video tutorial on attendance verification in CUNYfirst, at the top of this page, click on the second item listed: “Attendance Verification Step-by-Step Video Tutorial.

    Need Help? Have Questions?

    If you need help or if you have any questions regarding attendance in CUNYfirst, please complete the form on Questions/ Need Help, or contact the Registrar's Office at 718-482-6011 during normal business hours.


  • The following is a listing, though not complete, of current benefits to Faculty using CUNYfirst.

    General Information 

    • Single user name and password for all CUNYfirst applications
    • Direct connections via internet to CUNYfirst Portal from any location. Not connected to current CUNY Portals

     HR – Self Service 

    • Ability to view, on demand, personal information and work history
    • Ability to change personal email addresses (CUNY/College email must remain the primary address), Emergency Contacts and Professional Memberships
    • Provide documentation to update changes and confirm current information for:
         o Home address
         o Marital Status
         o Name Change
         o Social Security Number
         o New or re-submitting I-9
         o New or advanced degrees
         o Honors, certifications (check with college PR)

    Campus Solutions – Instruction and Advising 

    • Create and view weekly instructional calendar by daily, weekly and monthly views
    • View Class Rosters as soon as students register
         o Ability to email entire class or specific individuals from rosters
    • Advanced Advisement Tools for faculty advisors
         o Ability to see, in real time, student transcripts, current class schedule and contact information with the ability to contact student directly through CUNYfirst
         o Ability to email individual student or all student advisees
         o Ability to contact advisee’s instructors through CUNYfirst
         o Ability to view service indicators (holds, etc.)
    • Ability for Provosts, Deans and Chairs to view instructor’s teaching history
    • Enrollment and instructor data feeds directly into Blackboard
    • University-wide standard process to post grades electronically
          o Advantage for professors/adjuncts who have multiple campus postings
          o Quicker postings to students transcripts will support timely registration for pre- and co-requisite requirements

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