Readmission and Reinstatement Application

Readmission and Reinstatement Application

We will begin accepting readmission applications for Fall 2024 on April 29, 2024.

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  • If you have attended another college since leaving LaGuardia, please provide official transcripts from the other college(s) to the Office of Admissions at
  • If you wish to change your Name, DOB, Social Security Number or Address, attach a Personal Data Change form to this application.
  • If you wish to change your major, attach a Change of Major form to this application.
  • All readmitted students are required to re-file the New York State Residency application.

STEP 1: Contact the Bursar's Office at to speak with a Bursar Specialist regarding any tuition or fees you may incur and owe.

STEP 2: Contact Student Advising Services through your My LaGuardia portal or call 718-482-6070 to review your academic record and plan your return to LaGuardia. REQUIRED for all readmission or reinstatement.

STEP 3: Contact Student Financial Services at to speak with a Financial Aid Specialist regarding your financial eligibility or if you have questions about your financial aid status.

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Disclaimer and Signature

I am aware that I am responsible for paying my tuition and fees. I understand that my residency status will be set to out of state unless the New York State Residency application and the proper documentation are submitted

I hereby certify that: I read, fully understand and accept the above statements.

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