High School Equivalency in English

Prepare to earn your high school equivalency diploma and advance your education and career goals with our high quality and intensive preparation program.

Partial tuition scholarships are available for eligible students.


Our Program

Build your academic skills in a supportive and non-threatening learning environment to prepare for the General Educational Development (GED®) exam.

Pre-high school equivalency and high school equivalency levels are offered and focus on reading/writing and mathematics while covering all four subject areas addressed in the GED. You also have the opportunity to participate in college and career planning workshops, which provide transition resources to help you apply to college or enroll in one of LaGuardia’s professional training programs once you have earned your high school equivalency diploma.

Our intensive 12-week courses usually run twice a week in the morning, evening or all day Saturday, and are open to those 19 years of age or older.

LaGuardia is an official testing center for the GED. When you are ready to take the GED you will complete the application in class and register to take the exam.



During our intake and registration, you will take a placement exam to determine your skill level in reading, math and writing. If you pass the three sections of the exam, you will be admitted to the High School Equivalency course.

If you do not qualify for the High School Equivalency course, you will be referred to either the Pre-High School Equivalency course or another program that will help you properly address your reading, writing and math skills.


According to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, individuals with a high school diploma will earn more than $330,000 over a lifetime more than non-high school graduates.


  • Public assistance recipients: 50% discount (must show benefit card).
  • 65 years of age: 30% discount.
  • If you have taken the High School Equivalency course within the last six months and need to retake it, we offer a 30% discount.
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To apply, you will need to attend a placement exam session, which includes a 35-minute reading exam, 20-minute math survey, and a writing sample. In order to qualify for the High School Equivalency course, you must pass all three sections of the placement exam. You may click here to register for the placement exam. You will create a profile and register for a HSE Placement Exam in English.

Once you have passed the placement exam, you will be able to register for the High School Equivalency in English course.

If you’ve previously taken the high school equivalency exam (either the GED or the TASC) you may be exempt from placement testing. Bring your scores to the placement exam to find out or call (718) 482-5385 to speak to an advisor. Classes begin in September, January and April.