Center for Immigrant Education and Training (CIET) at LaGuardia Community College offers a variety of courses that assist low-income English language learners in attaining the additional English skills that they need to advance in their careers. All CIET workforce courses train students to be knowledgeable in American workplace culture and to identify and make progress toward a relevant workplace credential. Students create career plans in order to set goals and reflect on skills they have gained from life and employment experiences, and as a foundation for future career steps.

  • How To Apply


    English and Workforce Development training programs are open to adult English language learners at intermediate to advanced proficiency levels. New applicants should come to CIET in Room C-239 on the second floor of LaGuardia’s C-building to fill out a pre-application and be added to the wait list. Professional immigrants from the healthcare sector (nurses, physicians, and mental health professionals) can also sign up for the wait list online by completing a survey at CIET’s NYC Welcome Back Center

    You will then be invited to an information and pre-testing session to confirm your eligibility for the program and the most appropriate proficiency level of spoken English. For workforce programs, you may be required to show proof of work eligibility or home-country experience in certain professions, such as healthcare, to qualify for the program. Classes generally begin each semester in September, January or April, meeting four times a week and lasting approximately 10-12 weeks.