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    Mission Statement

    The Campus Facilities Office is responsible for campus master planning, design and construction of major renovations, campus improvements, and space utilization. Our mission is to coordinate, design, construct, support, retain and maintain the physical environment for the success of our students, faculty, and staff.

    Our responsibilities are but are not limited to:

    • Capital Budget planning & preparation.
    • Space planning of short and long term projects.
    • Coordinating floor plans, campus signage and space inventory updates.
    • Campus-wide ADA adherence, and energy management program.
    • Code compliance, violation clearances and fire protection.
    • Architectural and engineering designs.
    • Oversight and close supervision for major and minor campus-wide construction.
    • Ensuring all buildings adhere building guidelines & regulations. Along with federal, state and city codes compliances.
    • Monitoring the framework, planning, and rehabilitation for future projects, expansions, alterations, and renovations.
    • Serve as Construction Project Audit Officer for all Capital Construction Projects to ensure completion of projects in compliance with design intent and specification.
    • Coordinate Capital Projects with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, City University of New York and the New York Power Authority. As well as other various government agencies regarding College facilities.

  • Current Capital Projects as of (06/22/2017)

    Center 3 Façade Renovation

    Facade Renovation

    Status: Construction in Progress
    Schedule Completion: November, 2017
    Architect / Engineer: Mitchell Giurgola Architects / Joseph R. Loring Associates
    Construction Manager: TDX Construction
    General Contractor: Minelli Construction
    Curtain Wall Contactor: Enclos Corporation

    Center 3 Heat Replacement Project

    Heat Replacement

    Status: Construction in Progress
    Schedule Completion: September, 2017
    Architect / Engineer: Mitchell Giurgola Architects / Joseph R. Loring Associates
    Construction Manager: TDX Construction
    Contractor: AKS International

    Library Renovation and Expansion

    Library Renovation

    Status: Completed
    Architect / Engineer: Gruzen Samton Architect/ Joseph R. Loring Associates 
    Construction Manager: AECOM
    General Contractor: Stalco Construction

    E Building Cooling Tower Replacement

    Status: Completed                 
    Architect / Engineer: Genesys Engineering
    Construction Manager: Genesys Engineering
    Contractor: Major Systems Mechanical

    Goldman Sachs Small Business Education Center

    Status: Under Construction
    Schedule Completion: TBD 
    Architect / Engineer: Ahuja Partnership Architects / Kallen & Lemelson Engineers
    Construction Manager: TDX Construction
    Contractor:  Vanguard Construction & Development Co. Inc.

    Main Building Fire Alarm Replacement

    Status: Design in Progress
    Schedule Completion: TBD
    Architect / Engineer: TC Fire Protection Engineering, PC
    Construction Manager: TBD
    Contractor: Siemens Industry, Inc.

  • Staff


    Richard Ng

    Assistant Engineer

    Salim Djari

    Assistant Architect

    Samuel Rodriguez Perez

    Project Manager

    Ruben Mercier

    Office Assistant

    Frederick Lin

    Facilities Coordinator

    Sylla Maisoneuve

    Facilities Coordinator

    Kidell James
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