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    Mission Statement

    • Responsible for Capital Budget preparation and space planning, short and long term Master Plan
    • Coordinate Capital Projects with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, City University of New York, the New York Power Authority as well as various government agencies regarding College facilities
    • Coordinate with project design architects and engineers to achieve completion of projects on-time, to ensure construction safety on campus and that construction projects are in compliance with design drawings and specifications
    • Responsible for space inventory, campus-wide ADA adherence, and energy management program
    • Serve as Pre-Engineering Audit Officer for the Controller's Office of the City of New York to ensure the completion of projects in compliance with design specification
    • Resource center of the college community, especially for groups such as Building Operations, Facilities Design and Construction, the Division of Information Technology, and the College's 504/ADA Committee
    • Responsible for all code compliance, violation clearances, mechanical, electrical, fire protection and plumbing design changes and reviews

  • Current Capital Projects as of (18/03/2013)

    Center 3 Admission and Bursar Offices

    Architect: APA Architects
    Engineer: Kallen & Lemelson
    Construction Manager: URS Corporation
    General Contractor: DNB Builders.
    Mechanical Contractor: Planet Mechanical Corp.
    Electrical Contractor: MSR Electrical Corp.
    Status:Construction was completed.  

    Center 3 Façade Renovation

    Architect: Mitchell Giurgola Architects
    Status: Design in Progress

    College-Wide Streetscape Improvement

    Status: Construction in Progress.

    C Building Solar Voltaic

    Construction Manager: DASNY
    Design Build Contractor: O'Brien & Gere
    Status: Design in progress

    Center 3  8th Floor and Infrastructure

    Architect: Mitchell Giurgola
    Engineer: Joseph Loring
    Status: Awaiting fund for construction.

    Library Expansion

    Architect: Gruzen Samton Architect
    Engineer: Joseph Loring
    Status:  Design in progress

    Roofing Repair

    Architect: Superstructures Engineers and Architects
    Status: Design in progress

    C Building Boiler Replacement

    Engineer: Genesys Engineering
    Status: Pending on contract award.

    Humanities Department Relocation

    Architect: APA architect
    Status: Design in Progress.

    Goldman Sachs Ten Thousands Small Business

    Architect: Steven Ely Architect
    Status:  Pending on funding.

  • Staff


    Richard Ng

    Assistant Engineer

    Salim Djari

    Assistant Architect

    Samuel Rodriguez Perez

    Assistant Architect

    Ruben Mercier

    Office Assistant

    Nichole Miller

    Facilities Coordinator

    Sylla Maisoneuve

    Facilities Coordinator

    Kidell James
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