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    The Practical Nursing Program, coordinated by the Health Sciences Department, offers a certificate in Practical Nursing. Graduates will be eligible to sit for the National Council of State Boards Licensure Examination for Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN).

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    Nursing Programs – ATI TEAS

    The Practical Nursing Program at LaGuardia is in response to the growing need for skilled health care personnel who can provide care at the practical nursing level and are motivated to continue in the Nursing Profession. The Practical Nursing Program was approved in July 2004 by the New York State Education Department

    A forty-eight (48) credit, certificate-bearing program has been organized to be rigorous, but supportive of the adult-learners from diverse cultural and literacy experiences.The Practical Nursing Certificate Program provides students with the opportunity to complete the courses of study in ten (10) months after completing the pre-clinical core educational courses. The tenth month program admits students once per year, each Fall I semester.

    The program prepares graduates to function as practical nurses performing tasks and responsibilities within the framework of case-findings, health teaching, health counseling, and provision of supportive and restorative care in healthcare facilities that offer chronic and acute care services. 

  • Tribute to the LPN Graduates - Spring 2020

  • The Practical Nursing Program is committed to:

    • Provide a course of study at the college level to qualify students who wish to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN);
    • Provide the practical nursing program curriculum as an academic entry point on the nursing career ladder;
    • Facilitate an articulation process that minimizes educational barriers between The Practical Nursing Program and Associate Degree in Nursing Programs.
    • Support the mission of LaGuardia to enhance recruitment and retention of students by providing an opportunity for those students who are interested in nursing to move up the nursing career ladder.
    • Enhance the applicant pool of Associate Degree Nursing Programs with well-prepared practical nursing graduates who are interested in continuing their education.

    Click here for additional information regarding Practical Nursing Certificate Costs and Outcomes (Gainful Employment).

    In support of the LaGuardia’s mission to educate and graduate its students to become critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens, the College has undertaken a team approach toward advising, designed to support you in your major from orientation through graduation.

    Your Advising Team is made up of faculty, professional and peer advisors. They will guide you at every step during your college career. They are ready to help you:

    • Explore your major
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    To be eligible for progression into the clinical phase of the practical nursing program, a student must meet the following requirements:

    • Satisfactory completion of all remediation courses per CUNY policy

    • Registered as a pre-clinical practical nursing major (Curriculum Code 431)

    • Earned at least a 2.5 grade point average in each pre-clinical key courses

    • Registered for Practical Nursing Candidacy (LPN000.4199) in the Spring Session I (for entrance in the Fall). Key courses should either be completed or will be completed by the end of this 12-week session.

    • Key Courses Cumulative GPA of 2.5 While a GPA of 2.5 in the key courses is the minimum requirement for consideration, it does not guarantee progression to clinical courses.

    • Completed Health Screening as required by clinical affiliated agencies.

    • Attend a mandatory program orientation seminar upon acceptance into the clinical phase 19

    • Beginning with the Fall 2009 semester in order to advance into nursing clinical coursework, (Application for candidacy in RN or PN Programs), students must provide documentation in one of the following categories:
      • (A).US citizenship
      • (B).Permanent residency
      • (C).International student
      • (D).Granted asylum, Refuge Status, Temporary Protected Status, Withholding of Removal, Deferred Enforced Departure, or Deferred Action Status by the U.S. government.
        Please Note: the CUNY Citizenship and Immigration Project provides free counseling and assistance to all CUNY students who need help with their immigration status. For more information,visit: (http://web.cuny.edu/about/citizenship.html).

    Spring 2020 CR/NC Policy – How it applies to Health Sciences Candidacy Programs

    When students are notified that they have earned a seat in SCL101 additional requirements must be met. The medical form including lab results and immunization dates must be submitted, as well as a current CPR (BCLS for Health Care Provider) card. Malpractice insurance must be purchased; assessment exams must be paid for and taken. The selection of candidates for the clinical phase of nursing will be determined in the Spring Semester. Students will only be automatically granted two chances to apply for candidacy.

    Current Students
    Log in to My LaGuardia to review your Degree Audit to find out what classes to take. Have questions about using Degree Audit? Visit LaGuardia's Degree Audit page for tutorials and how-to guides.

    Prospective Students
    Review the curriculum.

    Please note: Students will be held to the program and degree requirements of the year that they enter the College, unless the student changes their major in a different academic year. In that case, the student will be held to the current year requirements as listed in the catalog. Learn more.

    Degree Map
    Use the Degree Map and DegreeWorks to assist in academic planning and creating your own graduation plan in ePortfolio. See a full list of Flexible Core courses on the Pathways page.

    For information about this program’s retention and graduation rate visit the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment website page.

    Licensed Practical Nursing Information Sheet

    How do I apply into the LPN Program?
    There is NO direct admission into the LPN Program. Students first apply to LaGuardia as a “Practical Nursing” Major, through Admissions.

    There are pre-requisite courses for the LPN Program. These courses can take students 6 months to 1 year to complete. The pre-requisite courses which are also called “KEY” courses need to be in the process of completion or completed during the Spring I - 12 week semester you apply for Candidacy.

    • ENG 101
    • SSY 101
    • SCB 203
    • MAT106
    • SCB 204 Pre-clinical course required before beginning the PN Program IF accepted

    What is Candidacy?
    Candidacy is the process when students are ready to apply to the program. At this time, their KEY course grades are then calculated and ranked. Students need to be matriculated at LaGuardia and active for the semester they intend to apply for Candidacy in order to be considered.

    In addition to the KEY courses, the ATI TEAS is a requirement for Candidacy. Students have 2 attempts ONLY to successfully pass the ATI TEAS Exam. They must obtain an overall proficient score of 58.7% and 50% in each of the four categories [Math, Science, English, Comprehension].

    The ATI TEAS needs to be done by the deadline in order to be eligible for LPN Candidacy. Please visit our website regarding specific details on registering for the ATI TEAS Exam at LaGuardia C.C.

    How and which term should I apply for Candidacy?
    You must be in the “Practical Nursing” Major and have the 4 KEY courses completed or in the process of completing. In addition, you must successfully pass the ATI TEAS Exam with the required scores and be active for the semester you intend to apply for Candidacy.

    Students apply for “LPN 000” Candidacy at the beginning of the Spring I semester. The deadline is listed on the College Academic Calendar. Please note, LPN Candidacy is offered once a year, every Spring semester.

    Students have to request a Candidacy Form by emailing the Health Sciences Department at HealthSci@lagcc.cuny.edu.

    The Candidacy Form then needs to be filled out and emailed to the Health Sciences Department before the Candidacy Deadline. Once the form is received by the Health Sciences Department, the student will receive an acknowledgement email confirming receipt of the Candidacy form.

    What is the minimum GPA required to apply for the LPN Program?
    The minimum GPA to apply for the LPN Program is 2.5 overall and within the key courses.

    How many times can I take the TEAS?
    Students can take the TEAS exam a total of 2 times. Student have 2 attempts to successfully pass the ATI TEAS Exam with an overall proficient score of 58.7% and 50% in each of the four categories [Math, Science, English, Comprehension]. The TEAS exam will be administered by LaGuardia CC Nursing Program [testing site] via remote proctoring. There is NO in person testing.

    What are the phases for the LPN program?
    The phases are the following:

    Phase 1: Pre-clinical
    Once accepted into LaGuardia, students declare their major: “Practical Nursing”. During this phase you are to register for your courses and successfully meet the specific requirements to be eligible to apply for the clinical phase of the LPN Program.

    Phase 2: Clinical
    Once you receive your Candidacy Notification Email confirming your acceptance into the clinical phase of the LPN program, you are then officially a Licensed Practical Nursing Student.

    You will then begin registering and taking the clinical phase courses beginning with the pre-fix “SCL”

    Which class can be taken during the short sessions [six weeks] when a student has already applied for candidacy?
    SCB204 - Human Anatomy & Physiology II must be taken in session II or before entering the clinical phase of the PN program. The student will need to earn a grade of “C” or better.

    If SCB204 has already been taken, then it is recommended you register for SSY240 since it is required during the 1st semester of the LPN Program IF accepted.

    Can students apply for more than one candidacy program at a time?
    Students can only apply for one candidacy at a time.

    If accepted into the LPN program, how long is the clinical phase of the LPN program?
    The clinical phase of the LPN program 10 months and begins every September. The course sequence needs to be followed.

    What if a grade of C- or lower is earned in a pre-clinical course?
    If a grade of “C-“ or lower is earned in a pre-clinical course, the student will not be eligible to apply for Candidacy. The course will need to be repeated, both grades will be averaged together for Candidacy purposes only.

    When will the candidacy results be announced and how will students find out if they have been accepted into the clinical phase of the LPN Program?
    Candidacy Notifications are announced in the second or third week of July after students apply for candidacy in session I. Students who applied for Candidacy will be sent an email via their LaGuardia Live Email Account from the Practical Nursing Program.

    Should I take TEAS now if I plan to apply for candidacy next semester?
    Matriculated LaGuardia students usually take the ATI TEAS Exam during the semester they are applying for LPN candidacy.

    Does Financial Aid pay for TEAS?
    Financial Aid does not pay for TEAS.

    What is the lowest GPA accepted for the LPN program?
    The lowest GPA accepted varies from year to year. The lowest GPA that can be accepted is 2.5 within the 4 key courses.