Jetmir Troshani Showcases Love of Wildlife in ‘Naturescapes’ Exhibit

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY (March 21, 2023) — In “Naturescapes,” on display on the 5th floor of E-Building at LaGuardia Community College, photographer Jetmir Troshani presents a collection of Kenyan wildlife portraiture that reveal an exceptional eye for composition, form, and balance.

Troshani was born in the city of Shkodra, Albania, known for its unique artistic shared values around the Balkan region. Raised with this art-loving spirit, Troshani continued his high school studying for guitar. In 1997 he immigrated to the United States, and he is currently a project manager in the Department of Information Technology and a part-time adjunct lecturer with the City University of New York.

Troshani’s photographs demonstrate a keen understanding of the elements of surprise, as he waits for the right moment to capture an animal in action, whether it is a Tawny Eagle stalking its prey or a giraffe consuming leaves. Troshani is able to create images that are not only technically impressive, but also emotionally resonant.

“I find inspiration for my work in a variety of places, but at its core, it’s driven by my deep appreciation for the natural world and my desire to connect with it in a meaningful way,” Troshani said. “The peace of mind that comes from spending time in nature is something that I find truly inspiring. Additionally, I’ve always felt a genuine connection to the wild and the creatures that inhabit it. Capturing the beauty and diversity of wildlife through my photography allows me to share my passion for the natural world with others. All of these factors have inspired me to focus on wildlife photography and I feel fortunate to be able to pursue and apply this passion in my work.”

He’s been a full-time employee since 2008; however, Troshani’s connection to LaGuardia dates back to 2003 when he was a student of New Media Technology. “It was during my studies that I was fortunate enough to have Assoc. Professor James Richardson as my instructor,” Troshani said, “he played a significant role in inspiring my passion for art and design.”

“As a wildlife photographer, the most challenging aspect of creating a collection to exhibit is to select images that not only showcase the beauty and diversity of wildlife but also tell a compelling story,” Troshani said. “Wildlife photography is more than just capturing a pretty picture of an animal; it’s about capturing a moment or behavior that reveals something about the animal’s character or the ecosystem in which it lives. I continually found myself thinking about selecting images that are technically sound, visually stunning, and offer a unique perspective or narrative.”

Troshani’s ability to control dynamism and form in his images creates a sense of depth and dimension that draws the viewer in, creating a powerful and immersive experience. His use of color is also striking, as he skillfully manipulates the hues of the natural world to create visually stunning arrangements. Troshani’s mastery of the photographic medium is evident in his ability to use light and motion to reveal the diverse textures and shapes of his subjects, creating images that are at once intimate and otherworldly. Troshani’s work, which can be viewed on his Facebook page, shows reverence for the natural world and complexity of the wilderness, in a way that is both profound and transformative.

As a wildlife photographer, Troshani’s primary goal is to capture the beauty and essence of the natural world through his lens. He believes that wildlife photography has the power to evoke emotions and inspire conservation efforts that can protect the animals and their habitats for future generations.

In his photography, Troshani prioritizes respect for the animals and their environment. He always looks after the welfare of the animals and takes care not to disrupt their natural behavior or habitats. Ultimately, his hope is that his photography will inspire people to appreciate the beauty and importance of the natural world and take action to protect it. Troshani believes through photography, people can connect with nature in a meaningful way and cultivate a sense of stewardship for the earth’s precious resources.

Troshani said creating a successful wildlife photography exhibition requires a combination of technical skill, artistic vision, and patience in capturing the perfect shot.

“I want to thank Dina Pizzarello who helped me curate the images and collaborate with the Print Center,” he said. “Dina recognized the beauty and power of my wildlife images, and immediately offered to work collaboratively with me to create an exhibition that would showcase the unique moments captured in my photography.”

Troshani, who proudly promotes LaGuardia’s Commercial Photography offers advice for would-be photographers and says it is important for individuals who want to learn photography, to immerse themselves in the fundamental principles of photography (lighting, exposure, and composition).

“Challenging oneself to take photos in diverse conditions and seeking feedback from others can also aid in developing as a photographer,” he said. “Observing the work of other photographers and learning from their techniques, compositions, and use of light can also help in developing a unique style. Embracing creativity and allowing it to guide photography can lead to innovative and exciting results. It’s important to appreciate the process and beauty around you as you capture memories through your lens.”

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