• Free HSE Classes

    Congratulations on your decision to take classes to build your skills and earn a diploma!

    Please fill out this form to be notified of our next available HSE classes as they become available.

    This program is for adults who want to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma. If you are interested in learning to speak English please see options below.

    To be eligible to enroll in classes:

    1. Complete this form (remember to press SUBMIT at the end).
    2. Indicate the time of day you are available to attend a registration session. 
    3. Receive an email confirmation.
    4. Attend an information and registration session.
    5. If eligible, return for a second day of registration. 

    **Please note that the registration process for our free classes is a 2-step process. You will receive more information about the 2nd step when you attend your first day of registration.

    Check out these other options for classes:

    1. Are you under 19 years old?
    2. If you are under 19, contact HSE Plus at the Workforce Education Center: 
      Visit Room C-314 or call (718) 482-5340
    3. Are you interested in English as a Second Language classes? 
      Call CIET office at (718) 482-5460
    4. Are you interested in Tuition or Saturday ONLY Classes in either English or Spanish?
      Contact ABS Tuition at (718) 482 5385 or Visit Room C-400

    Email hselaguardia@lagcc.cuny.edu if you have questions or need help completing this form. 

    Please complete this form to submit your information for a recruitment session.

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