About CUNY Start

    CUNY Start is an intensive, full-time and low-cost program for students who need to increase their Math and English proficiency levels before starting credit courses. The program provides 18-weeks of rigorous preparation in academic reading/writing, math and college success advisement, giving students the opportunity to reduce or eliminate their developmental skills requirements in one semester.
    Building on high school and high school equivalency-level math skills, Pre-College Math focuses on more complex topics in algebra. Topics include functions in new settings and the manipulation of expressions. Understanding is maximized through in-depth study of core math concepts in an interactive, supportive learning environment.
    Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, you will build key reading and writing skills and broaden your general background knowledge. Skill development includes argumentative and analytic writing, and college-level reading and study skills.
    Develop your academic identity and learn about college structures and campus resources. College advisement will help you align your career goals with educational requirements and prepares you for academic achievement and graduation.

    Program Benefits

    • Improve your writing and math skills and be better prepared for college-level work
    • Up to two opportunities to fulfill your developmental needs
    • Low cost: $75 per semester, including books, materials, tutoring and advisement
    • Save financial aid and spend less time in developmental courses


    To be eligible for MATH Start, you must:

    • Complete all CUNY Admissions requirements, be accepted to LaGuardia, and be eligible to register for classes
    • Have developmental needs in English and Math based on the CUNY proficiency index score
    • Attend a CUNY Start information session and interview with a staff member
    • Submit a copy of your high school or high school equivalency diploma
    • Be able to commit to an intensive academic schedule

    MATH Start

    Do you need to increase your math proficiency before starting credit classes? MATH Start can help! Click here to learn more.