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We empower more than 30,000 New Yorkers a year to advance their careers, education and businesses. Located in Long Island City, one of the fastest growing technology centers in NYC, LaGuardia consistently creates new ideas, many of which become models for the nation.

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We provide you with paths to advance your career or find a job in high growth industries.Take charge of your future today.

Advance Your Career

Learn English

Learn English

There's no limit to what you can become with English as a second language. Join the largest English program in NYC.

Get Your High School Equivalency (HSE)

Education is the first step toward success. Whether you're out of school, a veteran, Deaf or hearing impaired, find the HSE program that's right for you.

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Built Your Business

Build your Business

From innovative workforce development partnerships with NYC's largest and fasting growing sectors to specialized small programs and services for businesses, join the 21,000+ companies who've grown with us.

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"I had a new job within three months, working as a business analyst for a management consulting firm.
LaGuardia put me on the right path."

Sinead Porter, Construction Management Certificate Program