• Federal Work-Study

    At LaGuardia, you have the option to earn while you learn. The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program offers students an opportunity to earn money by working part time and gaining valuable hands-on work experience. Work-Study students can work on or off campus. Students must attend an orientation workshop in order to receive instructions and the FWS packet. If you have questions about the work-study program send us an email at FWSJOBS@lagcc.cuny.edu.

     FWS Forms:  FWS Manual/Info:
    USCIS Form I-9
    2016-17 Students Manual    
    Federal Work Study Evaluation Form  2016-17 FWS Supervisors Manual
    Federal Work Study Sign-in sheet  FWS Q&A   
    2016-17 FWS Pay Period Schedule (Updated) 

    • FWS students are responsible for monitoring their earnings. The award divided by the hourly rate will give you the maximum of hours you are allowed to work for the semester.

    • FWS students who will graduate at the end of Fall 2016 semester must stop working by December 19, 2016 (Session I) and February 24, 2017 (Session II), the last day of Fall session I & II 2016 classes.

    • FWS students who will graduate at the end of Spring 2017 semester must stop work by June 15, 2017 (Session I) and August 9, 2017(Session II), the last day of Spring session I & II 2017 classes

    • FWS students cannot work during scheduled class time and during the break in between Fall & Spring Semester. However, students may work during the inter-session break.

    First year students or first time awardees must attend a FWS Orientation prior to job placement. The orientation workshops are scheduled at the beginning of the Fall semester and available year round. All continuing students who wish to return to a prior job site must confirm with the site supervisor and complete and submit the FWS agreement & packet to SFS- Payroll Office in C113 for each academic year. Any student changing work location will need to submit a new Work Study agreement to the Federal Work Study Coordinator/Assistant.

    Students who do not see that they have been awarded FWS funds in CUNYfirst, must complete the 2016-2017 FWS Request form available on the FWS website and submit to C113.

    Important: Students must receive confirmation from the Federal Work-Study office in order to begin working.

    • Students can only be paid for hours actually worked. Federal and State laws prohibits any deviation from this regulation. An unpaid work break is mandatory if the student works more than six consecutive hours; one-half hour is the minimum break allowed.

    • All entries must be made in ink, and the supervisor must initial any changes made to a timesheet. Do not use white-out to make a correction.

    • Certify the student's hours by signing your name in the space provided on the timesheet.

    • A student may work up to 20 hours a week during session I. During certain periods, such as session II, student may work up to 25 hours. Student cannot work during the break between Fall & Spring semester. However, student may work during the inter-session break.

    • Supervisors & students are responsible for making sure that students do not work in excess of the maximum number of hours of their FWS award. Earnings in excess of the FWS award will be paid from the departmental budget.

    • Timesheets are for a specific period in accordance with the Schedule of Payroll Periods. There is only one payroll period per timesheet. Do not split pay period.

    • Enter the total number of hours worked per day. Deduct breaks, lunch or supper from the total hours for each day.

    • If the pay rate changes during the payroll period an additional timesheet is to be submitted starting with the beginning date of the new pay rate.

    • Please ensure that you do not schedule or allow students to work during his or her scheduled classes, even if classes are cancelled for any reason.

    • Completed timesheets must be mailed/inter-office to SFS Payroll (C113) before the due date. Student may not pick-up or submit their completed timesheets. A late, improperly completed or illegible timesheet will substantially delay payment.

    • Keep copies of all sign-in sheets & timesheets for up to 7 years in accordance to Federal regulations.