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    Reactivate Your Application and Attend LaGuardia in Fall 2022 - classes start in September!

    Complete the form below if you were admitted to LaGuardia for the Spring 2022 semester and did not attend.


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    Did you graduate from High School?


    Have you attended another college since you were admitted to LaGuardia Community College? If YES, then STOP! You are filling out the wrong form. You must now submit a CUNY TRANSFER APPLICATION. Please visit www.laguardia.edu/apply to find out more

    Reactivation Fees and Requirements

    NOTE: Proof of high school graduation is required of all students prior to admission.

    • If your most recent application is older than one year (two semesters) you are required to submit a new application and pay the processing fee of $65.00 for freshman and $70.00 transfer applications.
    • Upon fulfillment of the reactivation requirements, your application will be reviewed and processed for the Fall 2022 semester. Please note that reactivation is not a guarantee of admission. Admission to LaGuardia Community College will be based on current admissions criteria and space availability

    I have read the above stated Reactivation Requirements and Conditions. I further understand that my completed application and high school records must be reviewed before a final admissions determination can be made.





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    LaGuardia ranked 5th among colleges in economic mobility — moving low-income people to the middle class and beyond — in a recent study by Stanford University.

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    According to the U.S. Department of Education, LaGuardia students are more likely to transfer to a four-year college than community college students nationally.

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    of our graduates report that their education prepared them for jobs they took upon graduation.