Washington Post: Meet Barack Obama and Donald Trump, college failures. Really?

March 11, 2018

… people who switch colleges these days, particularly if they are coming from a two-year community college, are often treated no better than cogs in a wheel, if they get any attention at all.

That is what I am learning from Bart Grachan, a cheerful but sardonic associate dean for progress and completion at LaGuardia Community College, which is part of the City University of New York…

“Transfer students are washed out of college reporting because they’re only included in data for the school where they started college, not for the school that enrolls them next,” he said.

Here is Grachan’s favorite example of this injustice: “Barack Obama and Donald Trump are both, statistically, college failures. Both transferred, so technically, no school ever reported them in their graduation statistics, and two schools [in their cases Occidental College and Fordham University] had to report them as failures to complete.”

… Grachan’s job at LaGuardia is to ensure that his students break through the obstruction and apathy and get the most out of their next college…

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