We are happy to announce the 2021-22 program of CTL Seminars and Workshops. In an attempt to provide variety in content and structure—and in response to the current global and fiscal uncertainties—we are offering fewer activities than typical at this time. We encourage you to review these options carefully, consult with your chair, and consider applying to one or more of these activities. Please check the descriptions below for further details.

    For information about being compensated for successful completion of seminars, see the CTL Seminar Compensation Guidelines.

    The deadline to apply for seminars is June 4 at 11:59 pm. To apply, fill out the 2021-22 professional development application form.

    The list below is the first set of CTL Seminars & Workshops for the 2021-22 Academic Year.  As described in a recent CTL announcement, we are attempting to balance multiple factors as we plan for the next academic year.  To that end, we’ve felt the need to build a more flexible timeline of CTL-sponsored learning opportunities; therefore, in addition to the offerings linked below, we will announce more seminars and workshops in October to take place in Fall 2 and in Spring 2022.  These will include assignment design activities for Academic Affairs program directors and faculty teaching courses connected to the Gen Ed curriculum, as well as seminars and/or workshops that address the diverse needs of our students and the shifting landscape of the in-person and online classroom. 
    Faculty and CTL seminar staff have shaped these educational development activities to include demonstrations and discussions around a variety of content and tools relevant to student learning at LaGuardia.  Participants will find a supportive community for designing and testing activities and assignments, drafting scholarly work, and sharing their classroom experiments with their colleagues.  We ask all of you to consider how these programs can support programmatic and departmental needs, as well as your individual professional development interests.