Message from the President: Apology

Dear LaGuardia Community,

On behalf of the LaGuardia Foundation Board and staff, Jay and I want to offer our sincere apology for the misrepresentation of our students on the LaGuardia website. The inappropriate and offensive content on the Student Profiles page was written in 2018 by outside fundraising consultants who are no longer affiliated with the college. How it was allowed to see the light of day is a mystery to us. We truly regret that we were unaware of it until yesterday. Needless to say, we had it taken down immediately.

In addition to removing the webpage in question we are conducting a complete scrubbing of content and language across the website to illuminate any disrespectful or inappropriate language or imagery. We should not permit any misrepresentation of our students, faculty, or staff in our communications.

We are grateful to members of the Faculty Council and others who brought the offensive fundraising webpage to our attention.


Kenneth Adams

Jay Golan
Executive Director of the LaGuardia Foundation