LaGuardia Establishing Priority Initiatives Teams

Dear LaGuardia Faculty and Staff,

I am pleased to invite you to participate in a new planning project for LaGuardia.  After the holidays we will launch the Priority Initiative Planning Teams.  Below you will see descriptions of each of these three teams. If any of the topics are of interest to you please consider joining the corresponding team.

Feel free to contact the co-chairs of the teams (listed at the end of each summary) if you would like more information. Note that the teams will do their research and planning from January – March. As their proposals take shape they will present them to Senate for further deliberation and consideration. Thank you for considering this request. I hope you will join us.

Best wishes,

Kenneth Adams


Priority Initiatives Planning Teams

Guided Pathways

The Guided Pathways working group will make recommendations to deepen and scale an equity-minded, learner-centered experience that empowers all our students to reach their educational goals related to transfer and careers. Members will examine our new student recruitment and advising practices and resources, explore the linkages of programs through academic and career clusters, and design communications for first-semester students. Working from Jan-Mar 2023, the group will confirm current practices that promote student success in the first year, assess gaps in implementing those practices, and identify and consider evidence-based approaches for Guided Pathways at LaGuardia. The Guided Pathways Team is co-chaired by Sunil Gupta, Vice President for Adult and Continuing Education, (  and Dr. Eric Hofmann, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, (


The Advising working group will provide recommendations to support the transition of Student Advising to the Office of Academic Affairs. Members will help generate definitions of advising, as performed by staff advisors, and mentoring, as provided by faculty. They will also provide suggestions on how staff advisors and faculty mentors can improve collaboration in support of student success. The working group will also raise important issues regarding how LaGuardia can maximize its limited student advising resources relative to student need. The work of this group is expected to occur between Jan-Mar 2023. The Advising Team is co-chaired by Dr. Fay Bulter, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, (; and Dr. Billie Gastic-Rosado, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, ( ).

Professional Development

The Professional Development working group will plan training and development programs that will actively engage all members of the campus community in continuous professional growth.  The working group will collaborate with college divisions and departments to support the development and implementation of learning opportunities that will promote an environment of learning, research, teamwork, communication, and positive employee morale. The group will focus on needs assessments, program design, and recommendations for program implementation and evaluation. The working group will convene from Jan–Mar 2023. The Professional Development Team is co-chaired by Marta Clark, Executive Director of Human Resources, ( and Dr. Assuanta Howard, Interim Assistant Dean for Adult and Continuing Education, (