Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Dear LaGuardia Community,

As LaGuardia, we continue to welcome our diverse community to an environment designed to educate and inspire. Our mission to promote diversity, equity, and inclusiveness includes our zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination of any kind.

Our community continues to monitor the rate of harassment and violence against members of the trans and non-binary communities. Under the law, all individuals have the right to use the single sex facility consistent with their gender identity or expression. The availability of gender-neutral bathrooms at LaGuardia is one example of our commitment to being inclusive.

Gender-Neutral bathrooms are located across the campus and provide options for students who are more comfortable choosing a non-gendered bathroom.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Building E201P – Gender Neutral

Building E251 – Gender Neutral

Building M302D – Gender Neutral with Shower

Building C123 – Gender Neutral (for faculty/staff)

Building C120 – Gender Neutral (for faculty/staff)

Building C419 – Gender Neutral

Building C420 – Gender Neutral

Wendy Nicholson, Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion can be reached at to offer expertise and helpful information. Students, faculty and staff who experience discrimination and harassment in any bathroom may file a report, under Title IX, with interim Chief Diversity Officer Sabine Rospide, Esq. at Anyone can also contact a Public Safety Officer or counselor in the Wellness Center in C-249.

Other support and resources are offered by the following:


LaGuardia is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment that is free of all forms of discrimination and harassment, and where every member of the college community can thrive. It is essential that we all be supportive, respectful, and inclusive of the members of our community to ensure a safe and welcoming campus.


Kenneth Adams
President, LaGuardia Community College