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  •         Amazon, Welcome to Long Island City!

    We’re very proud that LaGuardia was a key player in the proposal process to bring Amazon here, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said that LaGuardia’s diverse and talented students were a big plus for LIC.

    LaGuardia will encourage Amazon to collaborate with us in developing workforce development programs and internships that can help meet their needs while providing a pathway for LaGuardia students and graduates to become Amazon employees.

    Our students’ potential to become an important part of the NYC workforce has been a key factor in LaGuardia’s success and we hope this move by Amazon opens the doors even further for our students.

    “It’s exciting to see Amazon recognize Long Island City, where our college serves as the educational anchor, as THE place to be in New York City,” said LaGuardia President Mellow. “Having Amazon in our backyard will be transformative for our students—particularly the 3,500 in our tech programs each year. Many of our students are sure to be future Amazon employees. We’re ready to develop partnerships with Amazon, and look forward to getting to work.”

    “We’re ready for Amazon to make a commitment to education and workforce training in Long Island City, and are ready to support Amazon in Queens as its educational partner,” said LaGuardia President Mellow. “Through LaGuardia’s Learning and Innovation Center, we’re ready to partner with Amazon to create customized training programs, and to provide pathways for Amazon employees to advance their careers. And we’re training its future workforce—New Yorkers who are hungry for jobs that enable them to pursue their passions while bettering the lives of them and their families.”

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    Our Students

    LaGuardia Community College Graduates Win Investment From 2018 CUNY Startup Accelerator

    “Our original startup idea was a peer to peer matching 
system — helping students connect with other students to work together,” said Medina Triana. "However, we pivoted 
our idea to create a sustainable business model helping startups
 find the right fit for their team and helping students 
gain experience in roles that fit their passions." – Luis Medina Triana (Right)

    “As entrepreneurs, we decided to focus on startups as they’re such an exciting area,” said Robinson. “We know how eager many students are for any experience they can add to their resume and build their professional experience.” – Christian Robison (Left)

    Full Press Release

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