In response to recommendations we received from our recent CTL survey, we’d like to invite faculty to propose CTL Seminars or Workshops for Academic Year 2020-21 that offer the opportunity to explore cross-disciplinary educational interests and to deepen pedagogical practice while strengthening the College’s key strategic directions. We are accepting proposals through Monday, January 27, 2020.

    • For more information about the process, please read the Call for Proposals 
    • Please complete the proposal submission form ( https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F692FNZ) by the end of the day on Monday, January 27, 2020.
    • LaGuardia's 2019-24 Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives are: Build Student Access and Success; Strengthen Learning for Students - and for Faculty, Staff, and the College; Enrich the Student Experience; Build Inclusive Community to Achieve the College Mission; and Advance Career and Workplace Development.


    We are happy to announce the 2019-20 program of CTL seminars and mini-grants. In an attempt to provide variety in content and seminar structures, next year we are offering several shorter seminars, as well as programmatic mini-grants. We encourage you to review these options carefully, consult with your chair, and consider applying to one or more of these activities. 

    The deadline for applying for year-long 2019-20 seminars has passed. Opportunities to apply for shorter seminars will be announced.
    Please check the descriptions below for further details. Most seminars require filling out the 2019-20 seminar application form.

    The 2019-20 CTL offerings fit into the following categories:

    • Pedagogy-focused seminars linked to the diversity of our College community, our digital learning initiatives, and capstone courses, as well as long-standing CTL programs such as Writing in the Disciplines.
    • Intensive work on the First Year Seminar, inviting experienced FYS faculty to convene and address recent changes in LaGuardia’s student success initiatives. Following the work this past year in Business, Humanities, Health Sciences and Social Science programs, this intensive, department-based work will focus on STEM Programs in Fall 2019.
    • Learning Matters Mini-Grants focused on three areas: developing assignments related to Global or Integrative Learning; taking Core ePortfolio practice to scale, and “closing the loop” on recommendations from the Periodic Program Review process. Bringing together teams from programs and departments, the structure will include time devoted to team-based planning as well as short, intensive collaborative learning opportunities around Global and Integrative Learning.

    Our faculty’s creativity, knowledge and expertise, and deep commitment to our students are on full display in these offerings. One of the CTL’s guiding principles is the value of learning collectively in meaningful social contexts that allow us to slow down and think together. That’s what our seminars are designed to make happen. To learn more about the offerings, meeting calendars, and expectations for participants, please see the full descriptions by clicking on the name of each seminar below. Where appropriate, the description also includes a link to the online application. 

    At the core of CTL seminars is a focus on student learning and success. Many seminars highlight a Learning Matters Core Competency or Ability, helping faculty build students’ 21st century learning skills. As always, assignment design and their articulation with disciplinary ways of knowing will shape seminar discussion, strengthening programs’ and departments’ ability to develop cohesive and effective strategies to help students advance and thrive. We look forward to learning with you!

    The printable 2019-20 summary pdf provides brief descriptions of each seminar. Full descriptions, including dates, are available below by clicking on each seminar's name.