Hotel T.E.A.C.H. Project Curriculum

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Introduction and Acknowledgements
Overview of Hotel T.E.A.C.H. Curriculum
Unit List
Unit 1: Identifying Your Learning Goals
Unit 2: Greeting and Welcoming Guests
Unit 3: Communicating with the Guests
Unit 4: Explaining Hotel Services to Guests and Providing Information
Unit 5: Understanding and Resolving Guest Problems
Unit 6: Internal Customer Service
Unit 7: Understanding Workplace Expectations
Unit 8: Career Advancement and Getting Ready for the Interview


Unit 1 Lesson 2: Edgar's Story
Unit 1 Lesson 4: Barbara's Bad Day
Unit 1: Spelling Guest's Names
Unit 3 Lesson 4: Giving Directions
Unit 4 Lesson 4: Taking Messages 1
Unit 4 Lesson 4: Taking Messages 2
Unit 4 Lesson 4: Dialogue Example
Unit 5: Handling Complaints
Unit 5 Lesson 3: A Housekeeping Problem
Unit 5 Lesson 5: An Irate Caller
Unit 5 Transcript Handling Complaints
Unit 6 Lesson 4: Desk Clerk & Mr. Smith
Unit 6 Lesson 4: Mr. Smith Transcript