Title Description Author
      Adobe Dreamweaver  Introduction to design a website, how to define a site, add contents in your webpages.  Niranjan Khadka
      Adobe Dreamweaver Form  Creating form through the Dreamweaver, and downloading the asp code.  Kyaw Thein
      Adobe Photoshop  Introduction to editing a photo, how to add and change a background, add text and contents to a photo.   Ginny Gonzalez
      Any Video Converter  Converting video file types to reduce file size.   Emilio Macas
      Audacity  Basic free software for audio recording, editing, and exporting the audio files.  Emilio Macas
      Dropbox  Uploading video & audio files to Dropbox.   Lang Tuang
      Google Docs  Learn Google Docs, a free web-based to create and edit documents online.  Breana  Narine 
      Google Sheets  Learn how to create, update and modify spreadsheets and share data live online.  Breana  Narine 
      HTML Entities  Learn advanced symbols and their meanings in HTML.
     Kyaw Thein
      Microsoft Excel 2010  Learn how to use functions and create your own formula to manage and manipulate your data.   Ali Abdallah
      Microsoft PowerPoint 2016  Learning PowerPoint 2016.  Emilio Macas
      Principals of Web Page Design   Basic things that need to be considered while making a web page.  Ali Abdallah
      Wix  Learn to create a stunning website with wix.  Marwa Answar