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    Welcome to the Instructional Services and Media Distribution Systems Department at LaGuardia Comnunity College. These pages will provide you with information related to the Student Computer Laboratories and Smart Classrooms, Faculty and Staff Development Center and Media Distribution Systems.

    The purpose of the ISMD Department is to provide students, faculty and staff with instruction, support services, and access to new technologies such as smart classrooms, computer laboratories, hardware and software training, web technologies, and Blackboard administration support.

    There are over 24 Instructional Services laboratories for hands-on computer instruction, one Media Distribution room, a Study Hall, Library Computing Center, and 232 Smart Classrooms for computer-aided demonstrations.

    Free hands-on computing instruction for most popular and supported software applications are offered on a regular basis. Handouts are available online, and hardcopies are available in the computer laboratories. Workshops and seminars are offered, on a regular basis in the Faculty and Staff Development Center.

    Media distribution specialists provide a wide array of technology support for web course development, and streaming multimedia. The latest software is available for creating advanced sites and incorporating multimedia components.

    All students, faculty and staff have electronic mail accounts, protected network storage, high-speed network access, and additional resources. The Instructional Services Laboratories have both Windows and Macintosh computers that are configured with high-speed Internet access and a large selection of popular software applications. Software is updated annually, and equipment is replaced every three years. Please visit this site on a regular basis for the latest information and links to other valuable sites.


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