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  • LaGuardia Community College's Instructional Services and Media Distribution Department offers a wide variety of Technologies that are available to Faculty, Staff, and student body. Ranging from Smart Rooms to academic classrooms, open labs, and multimedia technologies for a learning environment. There are 232 Smart Classrooms, 24 Academic Labs, a Development Center for Faculty and Staff, three event spaces providing setup as an interactive meeting space, and several types of teaching aids for classes.

    Our Smart Classrooms are all over campus, and can be found with the latest hardware and software. ISMD is here for any special requests that you may have in software requirements. For instructions on how to access the Smart Computer in your classroom and a full list, please visit Smart Classrooms.


    We also have 24 Academic Labs on campus spread throughout campus in all four buildings, each either running on Windows or Macintosh operating systems. They are also loaded with the latest software and hardware on the market. For instructions on how to request these classrooms and a list of academic rooms, please visit Academic Classrooms.


    LaGuardia's Development Center is set a side just for faculty and staff, affording them computer access in a private working space in which they can accomplish tasks that students may not be privy to , such as test creation or grading, research for an exam that is being given, and other non-class work. This Development Center is just for faculty and staff, and it is asked that you obey this so that fellow colleagues may accomplish there work with a clear mindset. For schedule of when this room is open and available please visit, Development Center.


    ISMD is in charge of three multimedia event meeting rooms, all with Internet access, and setup for presentation demonstrations. For a list of what can be found in each room please visit, Event Spaces.


    For professors that are looking to spice up their teaching practices with the innovative teaching aids that ISMD offers, such as a Document Camera, Nomad, Clickers, People On Content Software, MimoTeach Technology, ITunes University, Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, and IMovie please take a look at our Teaching Aids For Class Page. You may find your next Teaching Assistant is a piece of technology.

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