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    In person:

    29-10 Thomson Avenue, Room C-239
    Long Island City, NY 11101

    Monday - Thursday 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM


    The Center for Immigrant Education and Training (CIET) offers free English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses for adult English language learners at beginner to high intermediate proficiency levels. ESOL classes are contextualized for civic engagement, parent engagement or for workforce development and include computer literacy lessons, project-based learning, field trips and in-class visits from partner community-based organizations and government agencies.
    Classes in most programs begin each semester in September (Fall), January (Winter), April (Spring), and July (Summer), meeting three to four times a week in the mornings or evenings and lasting approximately 10 – 12 weeks.
    Depending on the specific program, most ESOL classes take place for nine (9) to twelve (12) hours a week during three (3) or four (4) sessions a week. All students must attend a minimum of 80% of class sessions in order to remain in the program.
    New applicants must come to CIET in Room C-239 on the second floor of LaGuardia’s C-building to fill out a pre-application and be added to the wait list. Applicants will then be invited to an information and pre-testing session to confirm their eligibility for the program and the most appropriate proficiency level of spoken English.
    Classes at CIET are grant-funded and provided at no-cost to eligible participants. These free courses are sponsored by federal, state, municipal or private funding sources in order to support immigrant integration, access to career and educational pathways, economic self-sufficiency, and family engagement. All participants must meet the eligibility and class attendance requirements for individual programs.
    After applicants fill out a pre-application, they are placed on a wait list for either day or evening programs. Waitlisted applicants are then invited to attend an information and testing session to confirm eligibility and the most appropriate English proficiency level. How long an applicant must wait to be invited to an information session can depend on several factors, but the average time is usually six months.
    All students must fill out a pre-application to be placed on a waitlist and invited to an information and testing session. It is possible that some programs might have immediate openings in a class at the beginning of a new semester. This would only be for applicants at specific proficiency levels or for individuals with certain eligibility criteria, such as legal permanent residency.
    CIET classes are open to all New York City residents who are adult English language learners at beginner to high intermediate proficiency levels. Tourists and F-1 student visa holders are not eligible for classes. Some programs have specific eligibility criteria, such as requiring students to be legal permanent residents or to have children in the New York City school system. Proof of work eligibility is required for some workforce development training courses.
    Students should bring proof of identity and New York City residency, such as the IDNYC card or a Con Edison bill, when attending an information and testing session. Family Literacy programs require proof of a child’s attendance in the New York City school system. English and Citizenship courses require proof of an Alien Identification (“Green”) Card, while workforce development programs may require proof of work eligibility and other supporting documents.
    Students in good standing can re-enroll in classes for up to four (4) semesters of study. All students must maintain an attendance rate of over 80% and participate fully in all class activities in order to remain in the program.
    Unfortunately, CIET does not have any current funding to offer weekend classes. Classes take place either on day or evening weekday schedules, three to four times a week.
    All applicants are required to complete funder-mandated documentation to be eligible for enrollment. CIET student contracts must also be signed to confirm a student’s agreement with the 80% attendance policy, participation in class, and respect for fellow students guidelines, and an understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).