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    Definitions of LaGuardia Community College Core Competencies

    Inquiry & Problem Solving -- refers to the ability to design, evaluate, and implement a strategy or strategies to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.

    Global Learning -- is a critical analysis of and an engagement with complex, interdependent global systems and legacies (such as natural, physical, social, cultural, economic, and political) and their implications for people’s lives and the earth’s sustainability.

    Integrative Learning -- is an understanding & a disposition that a student builds across the curriculum & co-curriculum, from making simple connections among ideas & experiences to synthesizing & transferring learning to new, complex situations within & beyond the campus.

    Our new Core Competencies are communicated via three abilities:

    Written -- is the development and expression of ideas in writing. Written communication involves learning to work in many genres and styles. It can involve working with many different writing technologies, and mixing texts, data, and images.

    Oral -- serves to negotiate meaning with others, impart knowledge clearly, foster understanding, and/or influence opinion.

    Digital -- is the ability to create, evaluate, present, and communicate using a range of digital technologies. It requires one to manipulate and adapt digital media in order to effectively express ideas to others. For our purposes, digital communication emphasizes multi-media forms of expression, such as text, image, and/or video, as well as various platforms for digital interaction, including discussion threads, instant messaging, and social media.

     Feedback Loop

    Feedback Loop

    Feedback Loop 

    From: Beyond Crossroads Live


    Dear LaGuardia Community,

    We are currently in the process of implementing our new general education learning objectives. We began in spring 2013 with an online “JAM” in which over 130 faculty and staff participated in discussing one of the most essential decisions we make as a college, namely, determining what we want our students to learn: what knowledge, abilities, and habits of mind we would like our graduates to have.  Following up on our Middle States 2012 review, we needed to develop “ethics, diversity and values” and “technology” learning objectives.  More recently, a new set of objectives has come forward through Pathways, and also our redesigned First-Year Experience. 
    As most of you know, in January 2014, after a broad, college-wide research and discussion process, the College Senate unanimously passed our new Core Competency framework with a focus on higher-order objectives.  This established three Competencies: Inquiry & Problem Solving, Global Learning, and Integrative Learning, and three Communication Abilities: Written, Oral and Digital Communication.  Since then, more than 75 faculty and staff have worked to develop and review the rubrics that will help us connect these competencies to our curriculum and our college-wide outcomes assessment process.  Attached below are the provisional rubrics for our new core competency framework.

    We will collectively continue to work to advance our integration of the new college-wide Core Competencies into teaching, learning and assessment, across disciplines. 

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