PDA Academic Division Support Services


Program for Deaf Adults (PDA) provides accommodations and support services for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard-of-Hearing and Late Deafened students to ensure access to Academic and Continuing Education classes as well as to other college activities and events.

Accommodations and services provided include:

  • academic, personal and job development counseling
  • registration assistance
  • classroom interpreters
  • captioning services
  • tutors
  • note takers
  • testing accommodations
  • special sections of some courses taught in American Sign Language (ASL)


To receive accommodations or support services, contact pda@lagcc.cuny.edu or (718) 482-5324. You will need to provide supporting documentation of your disability.


The Thomas Samuels Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to a Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing student enrolled at LaGuardia in recognition of her/his academic achievement. The scholarship is open to matriculated students enrolled at LaGuardia and helps them pay for tuition and books.

While GPA is a major factor in determining scholarship recipients, if you wish to be considered for the scholarship, you will also be asked to submit a short essay and one letter of recommendation from a teacher or someone in your community who has worked with you on a project.

Scholarship Applications are distributed annually in March. You are required to submit the application with a recent transcript and complete essay. In addition, you are responsible for requesting that your letter of recommendation be sent to the scholarship committee. All material is due to the committee by May 31st, 2019. The recipient is notified by the end of June.

For an application or more information on the scholarship, please contact 


Program for Deaf Adults provides outstanding academic support by screening and helping to select appropriate note takers and tutors based in academic knowledge and qualifications.

You can meet with an Academic Advisor and Coordinator for Accommodations, who will identify services to meet your needs. You will need to provide supporting documentation of your disability.

  • Sign Language Interpreter (ASL, English and Oral)
  • Captioning
  • Note Taker
  • Tutoring
  • Testing Accommodations

Interpreters should be provided, when requested for:

  • Mainstream Academic or Continuing Education classes.
  • College or departmental meetings or workshops attended by Deaf staff or students.
  • College or departmental events open to the outside community.
  • Employment interviews, orientations and training.

All interpreter requests should be made as soon as you know the class or event date, to allow enough time to make the necessary arrangements. Most request require four weeks notice.

Interpreters are provided at no cost to Academic and Continuing Education students. Cost for interpreting services are charged to the sponsoring department or program of the class or event.


Program for Deaf Adults



Academic Advisor and Coordinator of PDA Accommodation Services

Phone: (917) 832-1203 (VP/voice)
Email: kimluc@lagcc.cuny.edu

Administrative Assistant

Phone:(917) 832-1207 (VP/voice)
Email: marlopez@lagcc.cuny.edu


The Thomas Samuels Scholarship is awarded annually to a Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing student enrolled at LaGuardia in recognition of her/his achievement. The scholarship assist students in paying for tuition and books.

If you would like to join us in acknowledging the accomplishments of Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing LaGuardia students for years to come, donations can be made to the Thomas Samuels Scholarship by clicking here.

Your consideration and generosity is greatly appreciated.