High School Equivalency Exam
GED® Testing Center


LaGuardia Community College is an official NY State Education Department Testing Center for the high school equivalency examination, called the General Educational Development (GED®) exam. The GED is given on our campus in English and Spanish on Friday evenings and all day Saturday on scheduled dates. The exam is offered on the computer. To view test dates and/or schedule a test visit GED.com For more information email HSElaguardia@lagcc.cuny.edu or call (718) 482-5385


Any New York State resident who is 19 or older* and does not have a high school diploma may apply to take the GED exam. You must be a resident of New York State for a minimum of 30 days.

GED exams are scheduled at GED.com You must create an account, submit the information required and select your test dates.

For more information visit:
What is the HSE Exam? | Adult Career and Continuing Education Services | NYS Education Department

*17 – 18-year-olds must complete forms found on GED.com upon scheduling a test.


LaGuardia Community College offers classes that prepare you to earn your high school equivalency diploma. Courses range in levels from basic academic skills to more advanced high school equivalency preparation. You will develop your knowledge and skills in math, reading, writing, social studies and science to help you pass the exam.

For more information visit High School Equivalency or call (718) 482-5385.

New York State Education Department : www.acces.nysed.gov


(718) 482-5385



Office Hours:
Mon – Thurs 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


The GED is offered at LaGuardia Community College on Friday evening and all day Saturday on scheduled dates. To schedule a test visit GED.com

The GED includes 4 sections:

  1. Language Arts (Reading/Writing): 150 minutes (45 minutes for essay)
  2. Social Studies: 70 minutes
  3. Science: 90 minutes
  4. Mathematics: 115 minutes divided into 2 sections
LaGuardia Community College offers adult basic education and high school equivalency classes on weekdays, during the day and evening. For more information and to apply visit High School Equivalency or call (718) 482-5385.
  • Passing scores from previous GED or TASC exams will count towards earning a high school equivalency diploma.
  • When retaking the test, you take only those subject areas that you failed.
  • Transcripts can be requested from the NYSED Department.
When scheduling to take a test on GED.com, you will be required to complete and submit certain forms and get approval to take the GED with special accommodations. In total the GED exam is a little over 7 hours.