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Enrich your life with college level music classes at LaGuardia – learn an instrument or develop your voice.

LaGuardia’s College Music classes are open to the public on a non-credit basis at a special fee of $320 per course. Decisions on class size are made early, so register in advance. Alternate days and times for college classes are sometimes available for Continuing Education students. For more information call (718) 482-7244.


Piano I

Learn to play simple melodies and accompanying techniques for folk songs and a variety of stylistic eras as well as how to sight read at the keyboard. No previous experience needed.

Location: TBD

Weekday: Monday,Wednesday

Time: 09:15 AM – 11:30 AM

Fee: $320

Course Code: PIAN101W24.T02.01.00

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Introduction to Music

This course is designed to develop an understanding and appreciation of various forms of music. Emphasis will be placed on the elements of musical organization, expression and style. Students will gain understanding by listening to selections and by discussing significant features of musical compositions from the Middle Ages to the present time.  

Voice I

Discover the music most suitable for your individual voice or singing style. Class work includes basic music reading, vocal exercises, stage conduct and vocal styles. Emphasis is on the development of the voice for solo performance. There will be both individual and group vocal work in class, including daily solo stage performance. Use of recording and TV taping for development of style and stage professionalism is included.

Piano II

In this intermediate class you will build on the basics learned in Piano I: reading music and keyboard technique. You will build and play melodies in major and minor scales through an in-depth understanding of intervals and chords. Prerequisite: Piano I or equivalent experience.

Location: TBD

Weekday: Tuesday,Thursday

Time: 11:45 AM – 02:00 PM

Fee: $320

Course Code: PIAN102W24.T02.01.00

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In general, in order to take a Level II course or beyond, you must have passed the previous level or an exemption exam. Call (718) 482-7244 for details.
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