• About Continuing Education

    As the largest continuing education division among all the CUNY campuses and one of the most comprehensive in the country, we offer a wide range of programs that serve thousands of New Yorkers of diverse cultures, ages, ethnicities, and educational and economic backgrounds.


    English Language Learning

    Our many English as a Second Language (ESL) programs prepare you for college, a career and life in New York City.

    Study with expert instructors in a supportive environment on our university campus. Make friends with classmates from all over the world.

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    Career Skills & Workforce Training

    Our high quality, short term and affordable certificate programs and courses, taught by experts in the field, are offered in major industries that include healthcare, technology, finance, construction and more.

    Get the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience you need to enter and succeed in a high demand industry with our professional training programs. careers/

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    High School Equivalency (HSE) & Pre-College

    Our supportive programs can help you build your math and reading/writing skills, prepare for the New York State TASC™ exam to earn a high school equivalency diploma, get into college, and get on the path to a vibrant career and brighter future.

    Learn in a caring environment with experienced instructors. Talk one-on-one with advisors about going to college, financial aid or job training programs.

    También tenemos clases de HSE en español.

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    Small Business & Entrepreneur Services

    If you run a business or are just starting out, our Small Business & Entrepreneur Services offers the resources and support your company needs to grow and be successful.

    We also partner with employers to promote industry informed workforce training programs while matching our qualified students and alumni with the needs of businesses and organizations.

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    Get the support you need.

    Learn with expert instructors and fellow students from all walks of life.

    Open Your Door to Success with LaGuardia’s Continuing Education