If you are a New York City resident, between the ages of 14 – 24, and looking for a job opportunity during the summer break (July and August), search no further! The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) at LaGuardia Community College has impacted the lives and work paths of thousands of youth across New York City for the past 25+ years.

    Sponsored by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), SYEP provides six weeks of paid work experience in either the private or public sector and much more.

    The LaGuardia SYEP experience offers:

    • Valuable work experience
    • Workforce readiness training and financial literacy
    • Opportunities for career exploration and admission at LaGuardia

    Summer Youth Services

  • How to Apply


    SYEP 2022 2022 applications will close on May 6, 2022. If you are eligible for our Summer Youth Employment Program, please contact syep@lagcc.cuny.edu.


    SYEP CareerREADY Program

    The SYEP CareerREADY Program strengthens connections between academic learning and career exploration through NYC public high schools and SYEP Providers working collaboratively to implement both school year and summer program components. When our youth succeed, we succeed.

    This year we welcome Chelsea Career and Technical Education High School to the LaGuardia SYEP community.

    Chelsea CTE High School students, join us for an exciting summer of college exploration as well as work readiness training, paid internships, and engaging Project Based Learning!

    To be eligible for the LaGuardia SYEP CareerReady Program you must meet the following requirements:

    1. Legal citizen of the United States
    2. Legally allowed to work in the United States
    3. Permanent New York City resident
    4. Between the ages 14-24 by or before July 5, 2022

    About Our SYEP CareerREADY Partner

    Chelsea CTE High School is committed to educating the next generation of 21st century information technology leaders in an environment that is safe and supportive. To accomplish this, Chelsea offers high quality CTE programs in Graphic Design, CISCO Networking, and Computer Systems and Telecommunications. Students earn up to three industry recognized certifications throughout their high school career in order to prepare them for both career and college. Chelsea CTE is developing the Leaders, Innovators, Orators, Newsmakers, and Scholars (LIONS) of tomorrow.
    Lions Logo

    For more information regarding the SYEP CareerReady Program with Chelsea CTE High School, please contact acesyep@lagcc.cuny.edu.

    SYEP Emerging Leaders Program

    The SYEP Emerging Leaders Program focuses on creating pathways for youth experiencing particular barriers, such as being Homeless & Runaway (Residing in Shelters), Justice/Court Involved, Foster Care, or Receiving Preventive Services through ACS, or HRA cases. The SYEP Emerging Leaders Program does the work of SYEP based on agency partnerships that help youth to navigate life's challenges and empower them through a project/work-based lens. Emerging Leaders must be referred by the Employment Specialist, Caseworker or other staff at their Foster Care agency, Preventive Services, HRA, DOE, DHS funded shelter, Probation Officer or NYPD Youth Community Officer so we can partner with those agencies to ensure success.

    For more information regarding the SYEP Emerging Leaders Program, please contact vysyep@lagcc.cuny.edu

    Work, Learn & Grow

    Work, Learn & Grow is an off-shoot of the Summer Youth Employment Program and offers service learning and employment to youth ages 14 – 24 from October through April. To be eligible for the program, you must be in high school or college.
    Work, Learn & Grow


    The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) at LaGuardia Community College partners with many employers throughout New York City, giving youth a chance to gain work experience and businesses an opportunity to expand their staff at no cost to them. SYEP participant wages are paid in full by the City of New York, so there is no cost to the hosting employer. Our program’s success is due largely to our powerful partnerships and networks, which are committed to supporting youth across New York City. We are continuously looking for new partners to help us enrich the lives of our diverse youth population. As an SYEP worksite, you can play an important role in the city’s economic recovery while gaining access to hyperlocal NYC talent and the workforce of tomorrow.

    Please see below for important information on this summer’s program.

    SYEP 2021:

    • Participants can work up to 25 hours per week
    • Rate of pay is $15 per hour, paid by the City of New York
    • Work opportunities may be remote, in person or via a hybrid model
    • The maximum allowable number of participants assigned per supervisor is 12
    • There will be 2 cohorts running on respective calendars –
      • SYEP Cohort A Dates: Tuesday, July 5, 2022 through Saturday, August 13, 2022
      • SYEP Cohort B Dates: Monday, July 11, 2022 through Saturday, August 20, 2022

    We would be happy to connect and share more about how you can become a SYEP worksite. Click here to send a message to our team!


    Claudia Baldonedo

    Executive Director, Youth Initiatives

    Erika Correa

    Assistant Director, SYEP /
    Executive Associate, Business Services - ACE

    Winifred Francis-Miller

    Senior Program Coordinator

    Michelle Fang

    Budget Analyst

    Temu Watson

    Senior Project Coordinator, CareerReady

    Lena Hayes

    Lead Education Specialist, Emerging Leaders

    Stephanie Jimenez

    Education Specialist

    Claudio Gaete

    Engagement Coordinator

    Michelle Sampson

    Education Specialist Assistant

    Samantha Perez

    Administrative Associate

    Sristi Sansi

    Administrative Assistant

    Monica Flores

    Administrative Assistant

    Tony Davis

    Director of SYEP