Medical Billing Specialist
Certificate Program


Prepare for a career in medical billing and for positions with large healthcare providers with this 5-month, hands-on training program. No healthcare experience needed.

In this free program, you will:

  • gain skills to process medical insurance claims
  • learn from healthcare experts
  • be guaranteed a job interview upon graduation


When you successfully complete this course, you will earn a LaGuardia certificate of completion and you can earn nine college credits towards a Business Administration/Healthcare Management major at LaGuardia Community College.

Medical Billing Services
How to apply


Our recruitment season is now over! If you are interested in learning more about the Medical Billing Specialist Program, please complete the following steps:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, please submit an interest form by clicking here.
    1. To fill out the form, you must click the “Register/Login Now” button at the bottom of the interest form page.
    2. Filling out an interest form shows your interest in our program and adds you to our interest list. You only need to do this once. Once a new recruitment season approaches, we will reach out to you ahead of time with more information to make you aware.
  2. Afterwards, contact us at if you have any questions.


Jamilla Heckstall, Program Alumnus

“Initially, I was simply looking for something that would help me maintain stability in these tough times. I found the program through the Department of Labor website and went through the process of being accepted, which was a thrill of its own. With each class I am now learning more than I thought I would! Classes are engaging, the professors are there to help you succeed, and the people you meet make it all worthwhile. This program has been one of the best experiences of my life.”

Jamilla Heckstall, current student
Jamilla Heckstall, current student
Donald George, program alumnus
Donald George, program alumnus
Donald George, program alumnus

“The Medical Billing Specialist Program was a uniquely holistic, life-changing experience that introduced me to the medical billing field, developed my technical and soft skills, provided extensive interviewing practice (which I really needed) as well as interview opportunities, and supported me as a person with regular case manager meetings. The program was focused on preparing me for and actually getting me a job in the field and led directly to my present position as a Revenue Cycle Representative at Weill Cornell Medicine.”


a. For interested prospective students to participate in the Medical Billing Specialist Training Program they must first fill out an interest form here to be added to our interest email list. Note: The interest form is not an application. Eligible prospects must then go through a five-step recruitment process. To participate in our recruitment process please check your initial eligibility as stated below (these may be asked in our interest form):

i. You must be at least 18 years or older.

ii. You must be a resident of one of the five boroughs of NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, or Staten Island).

iii. You must have at least a High School Diploma (domestic or international) or an equivalent, such as a G.E.D.

iv. You must make $30,000 a year or less (Individual Income).

v. You are comfortable writing and communicating in English.

vi. You are committed and available to all take classes of the program which will take place mainly in the evenings. (There is no daytime program.)

vii. If eligible, you must be enrolled in selective service.

a. Unfortunately, there is no tuition-based version of this program available. The intent of this grant-based employment training program is to help make careers in the healthcare finance field more accessible to dedicated underserved NYC residents.

a. Yes. However, you may need to get your diploma/degree translated at some point if it is in another language.

a. The recruitment process consists of five steps (all candidates must pass each step to move through the process):

i. Mandatory information session. This is where you learn all about the recruitment process, the training program, and fill out an application.

ii. Basic skills testing session.

iii. Interview I.

iv. Interview II.

v. 4-week class Probationary Period.

Information Sessions are only available during recruitment seasons. Make sure to fill out an interest form here to be added to our interest list. You will only be contacted once recruitment season is approaching. If you have any questions or would like to know when the next recruitment season may begin, please contact us at

a. The training in total, with the Probationary Period included, is about 6 months.

a. On average, we run two cohorts per year. However, this is not a guarantee, and these classes may not follow traditional college semesters.

a. Our program is a hybrid training program set up only in the evening mainly from Mondays through Thursdays from 6 PM to 9 PM with some select Friday training sessions in the afternoon or evening. You will have class online on some days and in person at the LaGuardia Community College campus on other days.

a. There are no definitive dates for when our classes or recruitment may begin. If you have any questions or would like to know when the next recruitment season may begin, please contact us at

a. In our training program, you will go through courses, or “modules”, such as Overview of U.S. Health Care, Health Care Data Analysis, Intro to Medical Billing, Health Care Accounting & Revenue Cycle Management, Job Readiness courses, and more.

a. Although Medical Coding is touched upon in our program, it is very minimal. The focus of this training is Medical Billing. For information on the tuition-based Medical Coding Program, please contact

a. Skipping courses is not allowed. This employment training program comes as a whole package in which all students must successfully pass through each module regardless of skill level.

a. Regardless of your professional level, it is always important to keep your career readiness skills sharp.

a. On average, students will study anywhere from 10-20 hours per week outside of the classroom. The amount of effort you put into this training will determine your success in the end.

a. It is highly recommended that you at least have a fully functional computing device such as a laptop (anything that is not a Chromebook or netbook) or desktop, along with an Internet connection so you can attend class and study. Upon request, you may come to campus to use a computer to study and do homework.

a. Upon successful completion of our program, our students will have an opportunity to interview with at least one of our hospital partners.

This program is not designed to prepare you for any national certification exam. You will receive a certificate of completion and with your completed training have an opportunity to interview with a major hospital.

a. At this time, successful completion of the program will only grant you 9 credits towards the Business Administration – Health Care Management Major if you choose to go for your associate degree at LaGuardia Community College.

LaGuardia Community College does have a parking lot. However, it is not free. There is a flat rate of $15 for the day with no hourly option; $10 if you have a LaGuardia ID. Free parking is available on the side streets after 6 PM or 7 PM depending on the street. Please click here for a map of the LaGuardia Community College Campus.


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