Construction Management Program

Learn to organize projects including managing a construction team and site. Get the skills to advance your career in this lucrative field.

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Advance your career in the construction industry by becoming a construction manager. This 5-course certificate program provides you with the skills you need to successfully manage a construction team and site.

Courses may be taken individually.

A dedicated class lab for AutoCAD is available on campus.


Construction Drawings and Plans

Learn to accurately read and understand construction drawings (blueprints), a required skill in the construction industry. You will focus on architectural, structural and landscape drawings for residential, institutional and commercial buildings. Topics include plans, sections, elevations, schedules, details, specifications, symbols and abbreviations. ND

Construction Cost Estimating

Learn the basic skills required for preparing an accurate construction cost estimate, the key to a construction company's survival. This course is intended for small construction firm owners and those who want to break into the field as well as architects and engineers who need to prepare cost estimates. Prerequisite: Construction Drawings and Plans or equivalent experience. ND

Construction Materials and Methods

Find out about operations and materials presently being used in the construction industry. Emphasis is placed on understanding common practices, materials and nomenclature; interpretation of construction documents and plans; and equipment and methods used in construction. Topics include wood and metal stud framing, heavy timber construction, structural steel, interior and exterior finishes roofing and more. This course is geared towards general contractors, sub-contractors, builders or home improvement specialists, project architects and material suppliers. ND


  • Recommended: OSHA 30 Hour certification card
  • Prerequisite for Introduction to AutoCAD: Familiarity with computers and Windows 7
  • Prerequisite for Construction Cost Estimating: Construction Drawings and Plans or equivalent experience
  • Prerequisite for Intermediate AutoCAD: Introduction to AutoCAD or equivalent experience


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Click here to register. You will create a profile and choose a course. Before registering for Construction Cost Estimating, you will need to take Construction Drawings and Plans or have equivalent experience. Before registering for Intermediate AutoCAD, you will need to take Introduction to AutoCAD or have equivalent experience.