• Women, Gender, and Sexuality
    Studies Option (WGS)

    Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies engages students in the discovery and exploration of culture and society through the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, class, and nationality.

  • The Liberal Arts Option in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) leads to an Associate in Arts (AA) degree. The option is designed for students who have a strong interest in learning about key debates and theoretical concepts central to WGS and for students that plan to major in WGS or related fields at four-year institutions.

    As an interdisciplinary option with faculty from Social Sciences, English, and Humanities, we prepare students to become better-informed world citizens, equipped to tackle the systemic implications and outcomes of particular local, national, and global forces that affect women and LGBTQ people.

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    Students who major in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) have a variety of career choices available. The Option prepares students for advanced work in WGS and related fields by training students in textual analysis, critical thinking skills, and research methodologies. This provides students with:

    • Expertise in researching and applying information on contemporary social issues
    • An understanding of the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, class, and nationality
    • A foundation for analyzing inequities and initiating change

    Students who study WGS have expressed interest in the following areas:

    • Administrator of a Human Services Department
    • Advocate for victims of domestic violence and hate crimes
    • Artist
    • Communications Consultant
    • Congressional Aide
    • Coordinator of a Women’s Health Clinic
    • Director of a Social Service Agency
    • Human Rights Organization
    • Journalist
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Physician
    • Public Health Educator
    • Public Official
    • Public Relations Director
    • Social Worker
    • Teacher
    • Union Organizer

    Current Students
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    Prospective Students
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    Learning Communities are groupings of two or more courses, often surrounding a common theme. There are two types of Learning Communities, Clusters (consisting of three or more classes) and Pairs (consisting of two classes).

    Learning Communities can help you:

    • Make connections among courses
    • Form a community with your classmates
    • Work closely with faculty
    • Be more successful in your courses
    • Be more likely to stay in school and graduate

    Continuing students are encouraged to select a Cluster or Pair in their second semester.

    Recent Learning Community Themes include:

    • American Cultural Identities in Poetry, Prose, Beats and Rhymes
    • Technology, Power and Freedom: Building your Digital Identity
    • Truth, Lies and Video
    • Alienation and Inquiry

    Review Liberal Arts Learning Communities for the current semester.

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    This course invites you to consider a topic in an interdisciplinary manner, drawing on the various courses you have taken as well as experiences outside of college; therefore, it is recommended that this capstone course be taken in your last semester. The themes available for this class the course varies from semester to semester—previous themes include "American Museum," "Epidemics," "Genocide," "Modern Medical Practice," and "Performance and Disability." Review LIB200 themes for the current semester.

    Click here to view the LIB200 themes

    The Liberal Arts Option in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) has an articulation agreement with the Women & Gender Studies major at Hunter College. Applicants who successfully complete an Associate of Arts (AA) degree with a GPA of 2.5 and a grade of C or higher in all Liberal Arts/ WGS classes will be guaranteed transfer admission into the Bachelor’s Degree program in Women and Gender Studies at Hunter College and will transfer with junior standing.