• Students

  • Student Password Change

    Unfortunately, due to security requirements in the CUNYfirst system, the password you were using to access your LaGuardia Campus applications changed on December 27.

    The good news is that the new password will be easy for you to remember.

    Live Student Email Login Tips:

    Username - All Students: firstname.lastname@live.lagcc.cuny.edu

    Password - Current Students:

    You need two passwords. The first to access your Live Email Account and the second to access LaGuardia’s Non CUNY Etools listed below.
    First Password to Log Into Live Student Email Account: If you are already using your Live Student Email account, continue to use the password you’ve been using to access your emails.
    Second Password to Access LaGuardia’s Non CUNY Etools: Your new password must be based on the password tip for new students which follows.

    Password - New Students (All incoming students who have not used their Live Student Email account):
    Your password is your eight digit CUNYfirst ID (same as your EMPLID but not the same as your CUNYfirst username) and the last two digits of your birth year.
    For example: If your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) is 01234567 and you were born in 1993,
    then your Campus Password is: 0123456793

    You will need to use your new password to access the following non CUNY eTools:

    • E-Portfolio  
    • E-Career  
    • The College's Wi-Fi System
    • The Library Research Databases
    • Study Hall Computers

    Please note: Your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) and your new Campus Password cannot be used to log into:

     1. CUNYfirst
     2. CUNY Portal
        - Degree Audit
        - Blackboard

    To access CUNYfirst and the CUNY Portal, please log in as always using your CUNYfirst or CUNY Portal username and password as applicable.

    If you are using your Live@edu e-mail account, this change will not affect your current password. We urge you to open your Student Email regularly – it’s the fastest way to receive information about advisement, registration, payment deadlines, scholarships, job opportunities and campus events.

    Your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) is visible in your CUNYfirst account if you ever forget or lose the number. Please visit: View your CUNYfirst ID to see where it can be found.

    You can also look up your CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID) and Live Student Email Username by going to the Look Up page on our website.

    If you have questions, please send an email to StudentHelp@lagcc.cuny.edu or call (718) 482-5935.