• Student Resources

    Get the resources and tools you need to navigate your way through a successful semester. Spring 2022 courses will be conducted in person, online and hybrid. Check your schedule in CUNYfirst for specific details about your classes.

    See available resources below, and complete the items on the New Student Technology Checklist.

  • Digital Tools
    See an overview of the online tools you’ll need at LaGuardia. Review the Netiquette Guide for help with communicating effectively in a virtual environment.




    Office 365

    • Gain access to your LaGuardia email (through Outlook) as well as other Microsoft programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Teams, through your CUNY Office 365 account.
    • Use these programs online or download them to your computer. (To download, click “Install Office” and then “Office 365 apps” after logging in.)
    • Log into your CUNY Office 365 account using your LaGuardia email address (@live.lagcc.cuny.edu) and password
      • To log in, you'll need to complete Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to verify your identity. Watch a demonstration.
      • Note: If a staff member invites you to a Microsoft Teams virtual meeting, you’ll need to log into Teams using your CUNYfirst credentials. See a video tutorial.

    Schedule Builder

    • Find out how to register for classes using Schedule Builder – watch this helpful video or see this PDF guide.
      • Access Schedule Builder in CUNYfirst.


    • View the Join a Meeting video guide and see the Zoom FAQ
    • Log into your CUNY Zoom account using your CUNY credentials (username is firstname.lastname + the last 2 digits of your EMPL ID, and your password is the same as your CUNYfirst account).
    • See Zoom training resources.
    • Download Zoom to your computer, tablet or phone. To log into the Zoom software or app on your device:
      • Open Zoom and click “Sign In.”
      • On the sign-in screen, click “Sign in with SSO.”
      • Type “cuny” in the “Your company domain box” and click “Continue.”
      • Log in using your CUNYfirst credentials.

  • Having problems logging in or using these digital tools? If the resources above are not helping you, feel free to visit the CUNY IT Help website and type your question into the search bar; request support from a Student Technology Mentor; request help or call 718-482-6121 or 718-482-6157 (after-hours support 8 p.m.–8 a.m. at 646-664-2024).

  • Academic Support

    Academic Advising
    Your advisor and advising team support you throughout your time at LaGuardia to make sure you pick the right classes and stay on track to graduate.

    Instruction Mode for your Classes
    CUNYfirst lists the mode of delivery for each individual class section. Check your schedule in the CUNYfirst Student Center for this information – see how. Also, check the Helpful Terms to Know section below to understand the different instruction modes.

    Accessing Online Classes
    See how to access online classes.

    LaGuardia Bookstore
    The LaGuardia Bookstore is partnered with Barnes & Noble College Bookstores Inc. to provide you with textbooks, course materials, supplies and school spirit merchandise. Visit the Bookstore online.

    LaGuardia Library
    The LaGuardia Library gives you access to about 776,000 ebooks and 161 databases, and our librarians are ready to help you find resources and provide answers to your questions.

    • Ask a Librarian via online research chat or by submitting the email form.
    • You will be assigned a personal librarian who you can count on for all your Library needs. Watch your LaGuardia email for updates.

    LinkedIn Learning (LIL)
    All active LaGuardia students have free and unlimited access to all of LIL’s online courses and professional services. For more information visit our LIL Page.

    Need a little extra help in a specific class or writing a paper? Our tutoring labs will be offering virtual tutoring sessions to help you with any subject. Check Campus Services to find out how to make an appointment.

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    Financial Support

    LaGuardia CARES
    LaGuardia CARES provides access to a food pantry as well as resources for daily living expenses, including food, health care, rent, utilities, child care, baby supplies, emergency transportation and more, as well as resources and referrals. See if you’re eligible.

  • Coronavirus Information

  • Here are the ways we can all stay safe and reduce the spread of coronavirus:

  • Wash Hands Icon

    Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds

  • Hand Sanitizer Icon

    Use hand sanitizer when soap/water aren’t available

  • No touching Icon

    Avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth with unwashed hands

  • Cover Cough Icon

    Cover coughs & sneezes and immediately wash your hands

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  • Contact Faculty/Staff

    Here’s how to reach us:

    We request your patience when contacting us; we are working hard to answer everyone's questions and will assist you as soon as possible.

  • Technology Success Steps

    Here’s what you’ll need to ensure distance learning success:

    1. Be sure you have a computer/device with an internet connection. Computers are recommended for the best learning experience.
    2. Confirm access to your CUNYfirst account.
    3. Log into My LaGuardia and test out the available e-Tools, such as Blackboard, DegreeWorks, etc. (Learn more about these online tools.)
    4. Make sure you know how to access your LaGuardia email, and be sure to check it every day.
    5. Download the My LaGuardia app on your phone and tablet (available in the App Store and Google Play).

    See more resources and checklist items on the Orientation Resources web page.

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  • Student wearing a mask outside
  • Distance Learning Study Tips

    Dedicated a study space where you can get work done. Organize a desk/table with your study items. If you share a space, remove them when you’re not studying, this will help you set times to focus on schoolwork only. Don’t attend class or study in-bed! Your body will start relating the place where you rest with work and you may have trouble sleeping.

    Email people in your class(es), ask if a few of them (3-5) would be willing to start a group chat in case any of you need help with a tough task or simply to brainstorm. Facebook, Instagram or simply an email chain can be a way of interacting with your class peers and supporting each other.

    Get your friends and family behind you and your class schedule. There will be times when you need to ask for silence or when you’ll need a pep talk. Make sure to communicate with the people around you, letting them know when you’ll need to focus on tasks you need to accomplish.

    You may experience some tough times. If your motivation runs low, and there’s part of you that wants to give up. Take a few minutes to remember why you started this journey. Nothing is permanent, and we should all continue to work toward a brighter future.

    Your course syllabus will give you a schedule with guidelines of what readings, activities, and/or assignments you should complete. Spend 5-10 minutes each Sunday listing your priorities for the week so you don’t fall behind.

    Add assignment due dates to your calendar, along with important dates from the College’s Academic Calendar. Check your calendar regularly to make sure you stay on track.

    Create a folder on your computer for each of your classes. Save your work for each assignment in its designated folder with a clear, and unique, name. This way, you won’t lose files or waste time searching for them when it’s time to review content.

    Starting each assignment, a little earlier than you would for an in-person class, gives you time to email your professor/s questions (and get answers) so you can perform well and get higher grades!

  • Helpful Terms to Know

    Understanding these common terms and names will make your LaGuardia experience easier:

    An online system that allows you to participate in distance learning classes, access course materials and communicate and collaborate with your instructor and classmates. Your instructor will let you know whether or not they are using Blackboard as part of their course.

    An online interface where you can find up-to-date academic and financial information, search for classes or change your schedule, pay your bill, view your To Do List and any holds on your account and access platforms like Blackboard and DegreeWorks

    An online advisement system that enables you to easily track your academic progress, such as the specific College requirements you have met and which courses you can take to fulfill the requirements that are remaining.

    A mode of instruction in which the instructor and students are in different locations and teaching/learning takes place online.

    Your personal website that allows you to document, deepen and reflect on your learning experiences at LaGuardia while helping you tell your story. You will begin creating your ePortfolio during your First Year Seminar course.

    Take this course during your first year at LaGuardia to take a closer look at your chosen major and career plan, explore other majors that interest you and learn important study skills that will help you throughout college.

    In CUNYfirst, courses will list whether they are online, in-person or hybrid. If they are online, they will also list if they will be conducted synchronously or asynchronously.
    • In-Person – Classes take place on campus during schedule meeting times.
    • Online – Class instruction occurs remotely via a computer or tablet and can be synchronous or asynchronous.
      • Synchronous – The class meets live with an instructor during a scheduled meeting time. You are expected to attend the class online on the specified day and time.
      • Asynchronous – The class will not meet live on a specific day and time. Instead, you will complete lectures, readings and assignments on your own time, and you will have opportunities to meet with your instructor online during their office hours.
    • Hybrid – A combination of in-person and online learning. Students are typically expected to participate in both.
      • HyFlex (or HyperFlex) – Flexible courses simultaneously offered in-person and online, and students can choose the modality that works best for them. Select hybrid classes are offered using the HyFlex model.

    The approved acronym for LaGuardia Community College.

    Your one-stop-shop online tool for information and resources that are customized just for you, including your LaGuardia student email, personalized alerts, an event calendar and information about your academic progress.
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