• 2023-2024 President’s Society Application

    Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis to determine eligibility for a Zoom or In-Person interview. Interviews are competitive and selective and will be based upon the responses you submit on this application so please respond thoughtfully.

    Applications are due on or before June 8th, 2023.


    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Phone Number:
    Email 1:
    Email 2:
    Home Address:
    Zip Code:

    Have you ever applied for President's Society before?

    Semester you started at LaGuardia?

    Semester you expect to graduate?

    Are you first in your family to go to college?

    Cumulative GPA (Current)

    Are you a native English speaker?

    If no, what is your native language?


    If you did not grow up in NYC, where are you from?


    How many credits will you have earned by the end of Spring 2023?


    Please list any special programs you participate in on campus (i.e. PTK, HSAC, Peer Advisor, SSM, STM, Research/Fellowships, SGA, College Discovery, ASAP, LaGuardia Scholarship Recipient, etc.)


    How did you find out about President's Society? Who recommended you?

    If selected, are you available to commit for both Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semester?




     1. Personal Statement - (short essay – maximum 350 words). Tell us about yourself and why you’re interested in this program. Your thoughtful response here will help us determine your eligibility for an in-person interview. Please explain why you should be selected as a President’s Society ambassador including the following:

    • Challenges you have faced and overcome;
    • Examples of your strongest positive characteristics;
    • Responsibilities you have undertaken; and
    • Any outstanding achievements you are proud of



    2. Are you planning to transfer to a 4 year college? If yes, please tell us which colleges you are considering.  


    3. Tell us about your your professional/career goals. Please be as specific as you can.