• Transfer Services Frequently Asked Questions

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    Should I graduate before I transfer?

    A: Yes. Students graduating with Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degrees and transferring between CUNY two-year and four-year institutions will be waived from the common core (general education requirements) and half of the four-year college option requirement. Students graduating with Associate in Applied Science degrees may not have fulfilled all 30 credits of the common core. Understand the Pathway common core. LaGuardia has special transfer relationships that assist students who graduate in maximizing their community college credits with some four-year institutions.

    If I complete my associate degree and then transfer, will I transfer in as a junior?

    A: Not necessarily. In order to transfer in as a junior, you need 60 transferable credits. Junior status does not necessarily mean that you will only have two more years left to complete your degree. To improve your opportunity for graduating in two years after transferring, you must meet the general education requirements and also have credits applied to the course requirements specified by the major at your chosen transfer institution.

    When should I transfer?

    A: You are strongly encouraged to transfer after you complete your associate’s degree to be eligible for all of the academic benefits of Pathways or the benefits that the special transfer agreement(s) offers. You may however, transfer at any time as long as you meet the four-year institution’s admission requirements.

    What can I do to ensure a successful transfer?

    A: Planning for a successful transfer to another institution should begin early. The specific program and university you choose directly impacts the transferring of credits. The longer you wait to make a decision, the more you risk not being adequately prepared for your chosen transfer institution. The following is recommended:

    • By the time you have earned 15 credits, make an informed decision about your intent to transfer.
    • By the time you are midway through your academic program here at LaGuardia, make informed decisions about your transfer options, including choice of major and university.

    How do I prepare to transfer?

    As part of your preparation for transfer, it is recommended that you start your math (based on your major) and English (composition) sequences as early as possible, as they are common requirements across most programs. In addition to academic advising, the following is recommended: 

    How can I get a transfer peer mentor?

    A: If you are interested in obtaining a peer mentor, you must submit the Peer Mentor Enrollment form. A member of our team will contact you once your form has been received.

    What should I know about GPA requirements for transfer?

    A: The grade point average may vary depending on the institution and your major choice. It is important to research your chosen transfer institution(s) to determine their minimum GPA requirement for admission into the college and the GPA requirement for acceptance into your chosen major or program of study. Higher grade point average(s) improve your transfer opportunities and options.

    What is the Excelsior Scholarship?

    A: New York State provides tuition scholarships for residents who attend in-state public colleges (CUNY or SUNY) and whose families’ annual income does not exceed the state annual income cap. Under this program, qualifying students must take 30 credits per year, maintain good academic standing and make progress towards graduation. Students must be on track to graduate on time with an associate degree in two years or a bachelor’s degree in four years. Learn more about paying for college and the Excelsior Scholarship.

    How do I transfer my credits to another institution?

    A: After students transferring to a CUNY four-year institution complete their transfer application, their transcript will be made available to the transfer institution through CUNYfirst. There is no need for you to do anything else. For all other institutions, students must send official transcripts from all colleges previously attended before transferring to the university of choice. When the institution receives transcripts, they evaluate the credits and, where applicable, count them toward the major declared and the degree.

    What should I do if my courses do not transfer as I expected?

    A: If the receiving institution denies transfer credits or does not apply them in the manner that the student believes is appropriate, the student should contact the receiving institution’s admission’s office or credit evaluator to determine their policy for appealing the credit evaluation. The student should have a description of the course (and syllabus if available) they are seeking credit for and the equivalent course description within the receiving institution that it is equivalent to.

    What is Reverse Transfer?

    A: Reverse transfer refers to the completion of the associate degree credential for those students who transferred to baccalaureate institutions before graduating with their associate degree. Credits earned at CUNY four-year colleges are reviewed to determine if they meet the associate degree credential. If those credits are accepted by the community college, they are used to satisfy the degree requirements for your associate degree.

    Is there an application fee to file the Common Application?

    A: There are many financial circumstances that may make students eligible for an application fee waiver. They can contact the individual colleges they are applying to and ask if they will accept a fee waiver letter from LaGuardia Community College. If so, the student can complete a fee waiver request form by visiting LaGuardia’s Office of Transfer Services in Room B-215.

    What is a supplemental essay?

    A: Many colleges require additional essay(s) as a part of the Common Application. In order to gain access or see the writing supplement (if required), students must first complete all the college-specific questions. Some writing supplements differ depending on the major/program students select on the college-specific page.

    Can I type my essay into the text box?

    A: Yes, but it's important to understand that when typing your essay into the text box, the system does not see this as activity and can timeout before you are finished typing. (Timeout occurs in one hour). To prevent losing your work, we recommend typing your essay into a word processor and then pasting it into the application's text box when you are finished.

    What if I don’t get into my chosen four-year college?

    A: See the transfer admissions appeals process for the following schools:

    Baruch College Transfer Appeals

    A letter of appeal should be sent to the transferappeal@baruch.cuny.edu and must contain new and compelling evidence as to why the student should be reconsidered for admission. Please note, transfer appeals will be reviewed on a regular basis. Students will be notified via email once a decision has been made. All appeal decisions are final.

    Brooklyn College Transfer Appeals

    Students must fill out the Change of College Choice Form if they would like to be reconsidered for admission to Brooklyn College. The form must be submitted to the Office of Admissions at Brooklyn College. Students should submit the form under the following circumstances:

    1. Student was accepted to another CUNY college and would like to be reconsider for Brooklyn
    2. Applicant never listed Brooklyn College on the original application.

    City College of New York

    Applicants denied admissions can submit an appeal to admissions@ccny.cuny.edu. The email message should present convincing reasons as to why candidates should be reconsidered for admission. Students are encouraged to attach documents in support of their appeal. The following information should be included in the email: 

    • Name
    • D.O.B.
    • Last 4 digits of the student’s SSN
    • Subject line – APPEAL

    Students who have not listed City College on their initial application but would like to be considered for admissions should apply through Direct Admissions

    College of Staten Island

    Students denied admission may appeal their denial by submitting the Admissions Petition form to the director of admissions. The appeal should contain a clear plan for academic achievement at the college.

    Hunter College

    Students may submit an Admission Reconsideration Request under the following circumstances:

    1. Transfer applicant has been denied admission to Hunter College for the current semester.
    2. Transfer applicant did not list Hunter College as a school choice on their CUNY Admission Application.
    3. Transfer applicant listed Hunter College on their CUNY Admission Application but was admitted to another CUNY college.

    Students can contact ftap@hunter.cuny.edu with questions.  Please note: appeal requests sent directly to this email address will not be considered.

    John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    Applicants denied admissions to majors outside of the CUNY Justice Academy (CJA) are strongly encouraged to apply through Direct Admissions. Otherwise, if CJA applicants have questions regarding the admittance process, they are advised to contact Francis Plata, criminal justice advisor, at fplata@jjay.cuny.edu.

    Lehman College

    Students can apply through Direct Admissions, or an advisor from the Office of Transfer Services can contact Abigail.Laryea@lehman.cuny.edu with student’s name, D.O.B., EMPL ID and last four digits of SSN.

    Medgar Evers College

    Appeals to Medgar Evers are considered under the following circumstances: 

    1. Applicant experienced extenuating circumstances (such as death in the family, hospitalization, child birth, etc.) at the time that the application was submitted. In these cases, a letter of reconsideration should be sent to Director of Admissions Jo-Ann Jacob at jo-ann@mec.cuny.edu or Transfer Manager Dulcie McPhatter-Clayton at dulcie@mec.cuny.edu with detailed information as to why MEC should reconsider applicant for admissions.
    2. If the student never added Medgar Evers to the list of colleges on their application, they should stop by the admissions office to complete a reallocation form.
    3. If the student applied to MEC but was offered admission to another CUNY college, they can apply through Direct Admissions.

    New York City Tech

    1. Students interested in appealing an admissions decision should submit a letter of appeal to Director of the Admissions Alexis Chaconis at achaconis@citytech.cuny.edu. The appeal should contain the following information:
      • Name
      • D.O.B.
      • Last 4 digits of the student’s SSN
      • Subject line – APPEAL
      • Convincing evidence why they should be considered
    2. If the applicant has never added City Tech to their application, the student can contact the Office of Admissions at 718-260-5250 or visit in person and request to reallocate their admission to City Tech. Please note: Acceptance is not guaranteed for the Allied Health programs.

    Queens College

    Students denied admissions should submit the Admissions Appeal Form to the Admissions Office at Queens College. Students are expected to include an updated copy of their transcript for classes in progress at the time that the application was submitted and an appeals statement, which should include compelling evidence as to why the student should be admitted to the college. Students should mail the appeals form and all transcripts to: Undergraduate Admissions, ATTN: Admissions Appeals, 65-30 Kissena Boulevard, Queens, New York 11367-1597

    CUNY School of Professional Studies

    Appeal requests must be submitted within 30 days of an official admission decision. The following steps must be followed for an appeal to be considered:

    1. The Admissions Appeal Form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Admissions by the filing deadline.
    2. Statement of Appeal: A statement of appeal of up to 500 words is required. Applicants are encouraged to explain personal circumstances could not be assessed adequately on the online application form.

    York College

    1. Students appealing an admissions decision should fill out an appeal form, which is provided by the Office of Admissions at York College. The appeal is submitted to the Director of Admissions for a decision.
    2. If the student has included added York College on their application, they are encouraged to stop by the admissions office and meet with one of the counselors. If the student is eligible for York College, then York will re-allocate the student’s decision. Students do not have to wait for direct admissions to begin.

    Note: Students are advised to check their email regularly as above-mentioned colleges may request more information and/or documentation supporting their reason for reconsideration. Decisions are usually sent via email 3-4 weeks from the date of submission.