• Student Advocate/Ombuds Office

    LaGuardia’s ombuds officer — or student advocate — offers a confidential, neutral resource for students to receive assistance and voice concerns and complaints. The ombuds officer serves as a mediator who strives to address issues and facilitates communication and resolution in a fair and equitable manner. The mission of the office is to create opportunities for students to grow academically and socially. Any student seeking advice can use the services of the ombuds officer.

    The term “ombudsman” originated in Sweden in 1809 when a public official was appointed to deal with individual complaints against government acts.

  • Services

    The ombuds officer provides information about the College’s policies, procedures and services and students’ rights and responsibilities in addition to helping resolve student complaints.
    • Serve as an impartial advocate
    • Analyze issues and conduct unbiased investigations
    • Present a range of options for resolving problems
    • Facilitate communication, use shuttle diplomacy and mediate disputes
    • Foster equity, fairness, pluralism and institutional values
    • Assess student needs and refer to appropriate services
    • Maintain confidentiality and follow up to ensure student success
    • Adhere to professionalism, ethics and responsibility
    • Make recommendations for institutional improvement

  • Contact

    Luke Cardaio
    Student Advocate/Ombuds Officer
    (718) 482-6072

    Office Hours
    Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
    Additional evening hours available by appointment.