• Student Resource Videos

    Digital Tools

    Do you need help with CUNY First, My LaGuardia, Blackboard or just want to learn more about how these tools work? Check out these brief Peer Mentor-created instructional videos:

    Introduction to CUNY First

    Introduction to My LaGuardia

    Introduction to Blackboard

    Accessing your Student Email

    Connecting with Faculty and Exploring your Major

    Looking to connect with an instructor? Want to learn more about your major, or even transfer opportunities and career prospects? You may find the videos below helpful.

    Contacting your Faculty

    Intro to Curriculum, Degree Works and Degree Maps

    Exploring Majors, Transfer and Career

    Tips for In-Person Learning

    Is it your first time taking in-person classes? Check out these helpful tips from your LaGuardia peers!

    Asking for Help

    Time Management

    Reducing Distractions