• SOC Analyst (Cybersecurity) Screening Test

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    Screening Test


    Please select the correct answer or answers.

    1.  Which of the following strategies involves identifying a risk and making the decision to discontinue engaging in the action?

    2.  _________ are the special type of programs used for recording and tracking user’s keystroke.

    3.   Which of the following policies are designed to reduce the risk of fraud and prevent other losses in an organization?

    4.  Separation of duties helps to prevent an individual from embezzling money from a company. To embezzle funds successfully, an individual would need to recruit others to commit an act of (an agreement between two or more parties established for the purpose of committing deception or fraud)

    5. This is a collective term for malicious spying programs used for secretly monitoring someone’s activity and actions over a digital medium

    6. ___________ is a violent act done using the Internet, which either threatens any technology user or leads to loss of life or otherwise harms anyone in order to accomplish political gain.

    7.  An attempt to harm, damage or cause threat to a system or network is broadly termed as

    8.  Who deploys Malware to a system or network?

    9. _____________ is a code injecting method used for attacking the database of a system / website. 

    10. Which of these is an example of physical hacking?

    11. Which of the following is not a wireless attack?

    12.  Which of the following devices is the most capable of providing infrastructure security? 

    13. Which device stores information about destinations in a network (choose the best answer)

    14. Which of the following are multiport devices that improve network efficiency?

    15. Which network devices are used to divide larger networks into smaller sections by sitting between two physical network segments and managing the flow of data between the two?

    16.  Wireshark is a ____________ tool

    17. _____________ is a popular IP address and port scanner

    18. What technology is used to send data between phones that are in close proximity to each other?

    19.  During the authentication part of setting up her small office access point, Jenny was required to enter a PIN within 60 seconds. This process is known as:

    20. Which cloud delivery model is implemented by a single organization enabling it to be implemented behind a firewall?

    21. What is the machine on which virtualization software is running known as?

    22. Which of the following terms refers to the process of establishing standard for security?

    23. Adam claims he did not make a particular phone call from his office to a competitor company. Phone logs however show that such a phone call was placed, and that Adam was working during that time. What do these records provide?

    24. An alert signals you that a server in your network has a program running on it that by passes authorization. Which type of attack has occurred?

    25. What is the form of social engineering in which you simply ask someone for a piece of information that you want by making it look as if it is a legitimate request?