• ePortfolio Workshop Request for Class

    Dear Faculty/Staff members,

    Thank you for your support of ePortfolio at LaGuardia. We are excited to assist you and your students in the creation of ePortfolios for your course.To help us meet your needs, please complete the ePortfolio Workshop Request Form below at least 1 week in advance.

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    1. This workshop includes ePortfolio log-in and ePortfolio creation.
    2. This Workshop includes updating existing ePortfolio, adding pages/slides/contents.

    3. If you have questions about the Program Assessment process, please contact the Faculty Assessment Coordinators, Prof. Regina Lehman, (718) 482-5775 and Prof. Justin Rogers-Cooper, (718) 482-5913).  If you have questions about the Assessment Depositing Process please contact Ros Orgel For more information please visit:
      Outcomes Assessment at LaGuardia, .
      LAGCC’s Core Competencies.
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    5. Is this a computer lab? If not, let us know and we'll help you request a cmputer lab with the Registrar.
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    7. What projects or assignments will you ask your students to put in their ePortfolios?

    Note: Please inform your students to bring the work in digital format.