About the Author: Esmeralda Santiago, the author of When I Was Puerto Rican, has lived a very exciting life, a part of which you will read about in this year's common reading. Use this part of the Common Reading Web Site to read a short biographical essay about Santiago, filling in the details of her life after When I Was Puerto Rican.
Study: This section of the Common Reading Web Site contains information specifically devoted to students who are reading and studying Esmeralda Santiago for the first time. You will find reading exercises, study questions and resources to help you with your reading and to enrich your studies.
Teaching: This section of the Common Reading Web Site contains teaching ideas for faculty across the curriculum. Here you will find suggestions for thematic approaches to Santiago's work, paper assignments and a variety of resources for use when teaching Santiago. A complete Instructor's Guide (available in hard copy only) for When I Was Puerto Rican is also available in M-400 in Dean Arcario's office.
Resource: The Resource section offers common resources useful to both students and faculty in reading and researching When I Was Puerto Rican.



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